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How Does Internet Marketing Cut Steps from the Marketing Process?


by Scott F. Geld

Internet marketing can cut steps from the marketing process, save you time and money, increase your customer base, and help you to keep the customers you have.

How? Consider this:

No more waiting for the printer to produce your marketing material.

No more waiting for print supplies to be used up before you can revise and
reissue brochures, catalogs or other selling tools.

No more calling in orders or sending orders in by snail mail. Existing customers can buy online right away.

Customers don't have to wait for a sales rep to call or visit to get information. It's all there, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sales reps can reduce the number of personal visits they need to make, a savings in time and money.

Orders can be tracked online. Customers can check on an order's progress themselves any time of day or night. This saves you (and them) time and you need fewer employees to handle the queries.

Customer service problems can be addressed fast on line. Top notch service gives you a competitive edge and ensures a higher rate of customer retention.

Potential customers can get information about your company's products and services instantly. They can make a buying decision right away and place orders themselves. The result is increased sales and a shorter sales cycle.

Email allows information with customers and potential buyers to be exchanged quickly. You can respond online, eliminating personal visits or telephone calls.

Internet marketing makes tapping international markets feasible. Time and distance barriers are erased and the global community is suddenly within reach.

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, Internet marketing has many advantages. Direct marketing and face-to-face selling will likely always be an important part of a marketing strategy. But, the advantages of Internet marketing are clear. Who doesn't want to get more customers, save time and make more money?


Scott F. Geld is the Marketing Director of, a company
providing targeted traffic and leads:

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