Daily Highlights

It never ceases to amaze me that some people trying to do business on the Internet exhibit a bad attitude. It can take many forms ..."
"Bad Attitude"

"...Do you understand your own Web business well enough to know (and go) where the money is?' ..."
"Are You Going Where the Money is on the Web?"

One of the hottest discussion topics going around the web these days is Spam. Spam is different things to different people ..."
"Don't be a SPAM Artist"

"... But it got me to thinking about how we home based business owners need to treasure our dreams ..."
"Treasuring Your Home-Based Business Dreams"

"Here are 3 powerful marketing tactics you can use to get more sales the next time you advertise ..." "3 Ways to Get More Sales When You Advertise"

"While many people might assume that Mother's Day is a holiday invented by the fine folks at Hallmark, it's not so..."
"The History of Mother's Day"
Learn more about "our" holiday.

"I've spent far too many years of my life caring too much about what other people thought. I was a magnet for people telling me what to do. And I let them "should" on me--a lot..."
"The 11th Commandment:
"Thou Shalt Not Should on Thyself (or others)"

"Have my children been watching the news? Have they left their Pokemon fantasyland? This conversation confused me ..."

"Moms in the News"
new column from Cheryl

There is no such thing as working at home.
Really. It doesn't exist. It's not possible. And who are you kidding anyway? ...".
"Working at Home Isn't For Everybody"
A new feature from humor writer Dan Reinhold

I remember when I first began trying to build an on-line business. I was very BLESSED to meet a fellow, that has now become my mentor and best friend ...".
"Missing Profits by 12 Inches"

As we went in search of the little sandpaper piece to finish the repair on the tub; I wandered over to where the coffeepots do dwell ...".
"Ode to The Stalwart Queen Mother"
A light-hearted love letter to a coffee pot.

How many times have you stopped yourself from asking a question for fear it was a 'dumb'? Or, how many times have you prefaced a question with "This is probably a stupid question, but...".
"Asking Questions/Getting Answers"

Writing advertising copy can seem like an overwhelming task. Why? The whole point of ad copy is to get the message across to your customers about why they need your product or service. ..
"How To Give Your Marketing Pieces Instant Creditability"

It doesn't matter how great your product is or how wonderful your service, if you don't have customers ...
"Cash Flow"

Too many people look at the Internet and online marketing with a "LOTTERY MENTALITY". In other words, they feel that if they join the right program then customers are going to Miraculously Appear!! ...
"Are You Going Bananas When You Should Be Going to the Bank?"

Much of the "hype" concerning affiliate programs centers on the anonymity of the web, and that you won't have to have a "face to face" relationship with your potential clients ...

I don't care if you are in an affiliate program, are involved in Network Marketing or just trying to sell your products to a niche market. Just ask yourself this: ...
"Testing the Waters"

I know, you are thinking to yourself, "This guy has got to be crazy, how in the world, could he possibly like SPAM ??? ...
"Why I Love Spammers"

We hear it said that in order to be in business, you must have a Business Plan, and this is true. Without one, you are like a person in a dark room trying to find something. ...
"Developing a Marketing Plan"

Countless hours and dollars have been spent by web site owners. All want the same thing; to get a top position in one or more major search engines. ...
"A New Spin On Search Engine Listings"

We have seen the term "Illegal Pyramid" discussed, but the granddaddy of them all is called a "Ponzie"....
"What is a Ponzi"

I've noticed recently that when people talk about business, and especially business success stories, they always seem to talk about BIG events ...
"Don't Overlook Those Small Steps to Success"

Below are 3 powerful buying motivators you can use to increase your sales without increasing your expenses. They work for any business and apply to every marketing method including the Internet. ...
"3 Buying Motivators You Can Use to Increase Your Sales"

How many times have you heard someone say that affiliate programs just don't work? ...
"Why The Wrong Approach to Affiliate Programs Can Cost You Money"

Many web sites of major companies came down with a resounding crash, and there are more to follow...
"The Dabbler"

The very first step in your web site marketing plan, is to choose a great URL/domain name... ...
"Web Site Marketing"

Picture yourself standing just inside the front gate of the world's largest flea market...
"Stay Focused or Die"

We know that people buy based on emotion and defend what they buy with logic.... ...
"What's Your Motivation?"

Another in our series of Home Business Ideas:
"Party Planner"

If you have an online business, no matter what it pertains to, a great way to promote yourself and your business is by sharing your knowledge... ...
"Building Your Business With Free Tutorials"

Another in our series of Home Business Ideas:
"Herb Farming"

Playgroups for WAHMs ...
"Playgroups for Working Parents Are Worth It!"

Small newsletters are emerging to serve the many needs of many different groups....
"Niche Newsletters"

Another home business idea: Flowers are all around us in our lives, and work-at-home moms with skill in the garden are well-placed to profit ...
"Cut Flowers"

Having an online business entails neverending online promotion, but do not forget to promote offline as well....
"Go Offline and Increase Your Traffic"

More from our series of home business ideas, If you are making crafts now, think about kicking your hobby into a higher gear and turn it into a profit-generating endeavor...

As a home business owner you can budget your finances, create whiz-bang proposals, and effectively maintain a client list. But when it comes to working with unauthorized personnel, those under twenty and less than five feet tall, your mind draws a blank....
"Managing Your Time"

Third in our series of home business ideas:
"Transcription Services"

Second in a series of home business ideas for work-at-home moms: If you are interested in antiques and period collectibles, this business is for you...
"Antiques and collectibles Dealer"

Many people are constantly searching for the secret to online success. Most never find it. Some go broke trying. ... The REAL secret to your success is ...
"The Real Secret to Success"

First in a series of home business ideas for work-at-home moms:
"Candle Making"

Seems HotYellow98 went belly up, as many of the dot.coms did after the dismal third and fourth quarter of last year. Over 600 dot.coms went of business in the third quarter alone ... "
Protect yourself ... just in case:

Belly Up

Paint has many meanings but one that comes to mind, is to depict something vividly in words. We have heard a lot about web page design, and many have told us what not to do. Some of the information is still good, but some is outdated. ... "
Fresh Coat of Paint

So you are about to make the plunge and set up your very own web site. Now the very first concern you might have is how to do it. ... "
Your Very Own

"When I first started on the internet, it was like trying to read another language. There were so many words and expressions that I did not understand. ..."
"What is the Meaning of This?"

I recently received an email from a friend who was considering quitting her online business. She is going through a stressful time, as we all do, and feels her business is just not worth it anymore. ... "
Don't Quit...De-Stress!

"On display at the St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, is an ancient door with a rough, hewn, rectangular opening hacked in the center. Here's the story: ..."
"Chancing the Arm"

After complaining that I had "too little time" to do all the things that "needed to be done, ... "
Seven Tips to Accomplishing More Every Day of Your Life!

"The first time I saw these websites that offer you thousands and thousands of opt-in email addresses for just pennies, it was so tempting and so inviting, I ALMOST fell for it. ..."
"Harvesting Email Addresses"

No matter whether you're working on a laptop at your kitchen table or in a separate room, that space is your office.
"Furnishing Your Office Space

"You went to all the trouble to develop a "Killer Ad Program, tested response rates and heavily advertised your product, service or opportunity, and then - nothing - no business. How come, you might ask..."
"You Will Succeed"

"A recent conversation on a discussion list got me thinking about the word failure. What is failure? As I was trying to determine the answer, I thought of my two-year-old son ... "
"7 Lessons I Learned About Failure from My 2-Year-Old"

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