Goal Setting Made Easy


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Goal's arent difficult to achieve. The difficulty is in remaining disciplined and never giving up!

Setting and meeting Goals provides direction and joy. These simple steps will help you identify, define, and plan how your goals will be attained. For example, if you want to move up in your company, what's required? How much in personal sales? How many Consultants on your team?

Decide what you want and write it down - be precise!

  • What changes do you want to make?
  • What income would you like?
  • What level of management do you want to reach and by when?

State what you are willing to give in return for your goal.

Achieving your goal may require that you yield in other areas, make phone calls during a lunch hour, or miss a movie with friends in order to attend a meeting.

Why are your goals important?

List six reasons for accomplishing each goal, for example, "It will make me feel fantastic!" "I can buy that new furniture." Or, "It will help toward my promotion by ..."

Focus on four goals at a time.

Start writing down all your desires - big and small - and don't stop for one hour. Things you want to do, things you want to have, and the person you want to be. Highlight your primary goal, and then select three others, which excite you and often support the attainment of your primary goal.

Identify smaller steps that lead to each goal.

Your top four business goals may seem overwhelming; however, by breaking them down into smaller steps you are more likely to get started and more likely to keep going.

Two important elements are to block off time in your calendar for each action step and assign a date by which it will be completed!

Review your goals twice a day and use positive visualization!

Start your work time with the following "Statement of Achievement":
It's ______(date that you want to accomplish your goal by) and I have moved up to ___________(Title of the next management level in company!) I have reached this goal by:

· Completing my prospect list
· Selling a minimum of __________dollars in product each week
· Making ____ business building phone calls everyday
· Conducting ____ interviews each week
· Booking and Conducting ______ Shows each week
· Add in your other action steps and the numbers that pertain to you in order to get the results you are looking for.

As a result of my accomplishment I will receive special recognition, my commissions will increase, and my vision for my business future will be stronger than ever!

Read your "Statement of Achievement" before bed and in the morning. In addition, post your written goals in a place you will see them as you complete your action steps. This will keep you on target the entire day and help your mind believe you will achieve!


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