Get Heard - Write About Lemons

By Liz Wertman

Unlike most, my writing has been born from necessity. The necessity to speak to those that won't listen.

Keeping a journal, writing letters (but not sending them) is an excellent way to release your hidden anger, frustration and hurt. I discovered this during a recent traumatic experience, my divorce.

I needed to say things to certain people but for various reasons couldn't. That's how my combination of journal and letter writing began. It ended up being more than a tremendous stress reliever!

I had accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in my journal that my friends relied on in their time of need. At their encouragement I put it all together and wrote an e-book "Divorce Strategy for Men and Women". I could not believe it- I wrote a book!

You can too!

We are all made up of our experiences. You don't need to be a writer, as I have proven. Everyone has a story to tell, an experience to share. Write what you know or like in my case, what you have to.

After deciding on which of your vast experiences you would like to write about, put down the highlights in point form. Then expand the point form to paragraphs and you have your e-book!

Try and make a self-explanatory title. That will list better in your ads and the search engines.

Put it into your word processor program then covert it to PDF format. You are now ready to sell your e-book.

Use the search engines to find all the places that will host your e-book for you or create your own site and sell it yourself as I have done. If you list your e-book, make sure you have full rights so you can place it in as many sites as possible. Then market the book by submitting it to all the search engines, classified ads that you can.

You will feel terrific about your accomplishment, people will learn from your experiences and you will make money too!

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

"Divorce Strategy for Men and Women" is your guide through the divorce maze. Discover how to reduce legal fees, stay out of court and maintain your parenting rights.

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