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E-shows Have Arrived
By Brenda Passerby

What is an E-show?

E-Shows represent the newest marketing approach for home businesses. E-Shows allow people, who are interested in starting a home based business, to get started without investing a lot of time or money. E-Shows utilize the Internet to its fullest potential and are offered only by Mountain Gourmet. Originally in 1997, Mountain Gourmet began as a home party plan offering their products through independent consultants who located hostesses and booked in-home shows. However, in 1999 Mountain Gourmet realized that a big transition is occurring in the U.S.: we're moving quickly to online e-commerce. The question we at Mountain Gourmet had to ask ourselves was "How can we do the equivalent of a in-home show on the internet?". The answer is our new system, now called E-Shows!

How does it work?

First we have recruited E-Show Consultants. They typically are familiar with the internet and have friends with whom they interact, both locally and across the U.S., via email. Our E-Consultants are then able to have their friends (E-hostesses) book Online E-Shows that are held weekly at the Mountain Gourmet website. Through the use of online registration forms, the individual E-Shows are registered with the Mountain Gourmet home office, and the hostess is contacted with ideas of how best to promote her upcoming E-Show! The E-hostess then is able to email friends and invite them to her E-Show. The customers shop and are able to participate in that week's specials and e-coupon offers as well as regular purchases from our regular online catalog. The orders are then totally processed by Mountain Gourmet and tallied. The hostess at this point has earned Hostess dollars which she can use to purchase free items as well as a 1/2 off item! She is notified of the amount of hostess dollars earned and directed to the online Hostess Order Form to place her order. Upon completion the entire E-Show is closed and prepared for shipping to the individual customers. It is that SIMPLE! Plus, the E-Consultant has earned her commission without ever having to pack up a sales kit, do a demonstration, or spend an evening away from her family.

E-Shows do not require the Consultant to ever fill out an order form, hostess summary, or carry any additional inventory. E-Show consultants do not have to collect sales tax. That function is administrated by Mountain Gourmet. It is an extremely simple process and a business that can be operated by even the most busy individuals. If you are interested in learning more, please see our special below.

Special for WAHM Readers: Use #18765 when emailing us to take advantage of this offer. email us at [email protected] Price $20.00 This one month trial offer includes the following: One month(4 E-Show weeks) of full use of our E-Show system, 1-Cherry Oven Push Pull, 1-Signature Series Stir Spoon, New! Ice Tea Stirrer, and 1-Shaker Angle Spatula. You will receive these items via priority mail and you will see the quality firsthand! Then for 4 weeks, you can earn the entire retail profits of 21% and if you decide to join after your first month, you will then be able to begin sponsoring your downline which actually pays you commissions on 4 levels deep!! If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then email us and we will contact you to get all the necessary information to process you into the system. Please be sure to include the #18765.

Thanks Brenda Passerby,

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