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Can You Write? Try Freelancing!

Freelancing takes a combination of strong writing abilities along with constant practice, and a persistent personality.
by Angela Harris

You may be like many moms of today -- seeking a fulfilling career that allows you to work at home, on your own schedule. First, take a personal inventory. What are you good at? What do you like to do? If writing is on your list, then perhaps you should look into freelancing. Freelance writing is perfect for you if you've ever read a magazine article and thought, "I could write that!" Maybe you never tried because you thought all writers had to live in New York; this is one of the biggest myths about the writing industry.

A writer can live anywhere -- a big city, a small town -- it doesn't matter. You can sit on the beach with a laptop and work! You don't need fancy equipment or training -- all you need is a computer (which you obviously have if you are reading this), and the desire to succeed. If freelancing sounds like the career for you, study the magazines you would like to write for. Get a feel for their style and what kind of articles they publish. Then get writer's guidelines. You can pick up a copy of Writer's Market 2003 and check for the magazine there, or send a request for guidelines to the editor via postal mail or email.

You will need to develop a "never say quit" attitude. Rejection is part of the writing business, albeit an unpleasant part. Some of the most successful writers out there waded their way through piles of rejections before getting their work sold! A rejection letter is not a personal attack. Just because an idea gets rejected doesn't mean that it wasn't a good idea. There are many reasons why rejections happen -- perhaps the editor just accepted something similar, or perhaps your idea just didn't fit their needs. It's no big deal, simply move on to the next publication on your list.

Joining an online freelance writing group is also a great idea. These groups can provide support, encouragement, information, and more! Check somewhere like Yahoo Groups under 'writing' or 'freelance writing' and you will find a plethora of free groups and newsletters.

There's no secret to succeeding in the writing business -- all you need to do is read and study everything you can get your hands on about writing -- then write! With a combination of determination, a thick skin, and a little creativity, you can reach your freelance career goals!

Angela Harris is a freelance writer, mother, and wife based in Virginia. Get a copy of her new e-book for freelancers, The Electronic Writer (Jumpstart Your Writing Career Using the Power of Email!), containing over 200 markets in 20 different categories, here:

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