"Big, Bigger, ... ?"
By Cheryl Demas

There is a trend within my peer group to drive bigger and bigger vehicles. It is not unusual to see a caravan of trucks lined up each morning, heading down the road to school. It's reminiscent of the Smokey and the Bandit days, all we have to do is give everyone a CB, a handle, and we got us a convoy!

Do you feel the pressure in your home business too? Do you feel you have to continue to grow to be successful? Do you feel like you're not giving your all to your business unless you take on every project that comes your way?

I have a proposal for work at home moms: bigger isn't necessarily better. I know you may not read this advice in business magazines or books, but we Work At Home Moms are already breaking the traditional business rules anyway.

If you are starting to feel stressed, like you're being pulled in too many directions at once, I say it's time to take a break. Take a moment, step back and rethink your priorities. You may find that it's time to say, "I don't need more right now". It may be time to say "no" to a new project. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

If you're happy with the income you're making from your business, your current workload and the hours you devote to your business, I say leave well enough alone. You have to consider what expanding your business will mean to the time that you have to spend with your family, your children and husband.

So remember, bigger isn't always better, heck, even Pamela Lee had her implants removed.

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