Be a Back-To-School Hero!

by Colleen Langenfeld

Well, it's that time of year again.

Back-to-school has arrived.

If you have school-age children, then you are busy buying school supplies and getting their fall wardrobes ready. But what if you would like to do more? Or what if you don't have any school-age children but you understand what extra-support can mean in a classroom?

What can you do?


You can call up your local school and ask to help out one of their teachers by donating supplies needed for the classroom. Do it all at once up front or offer to get her what she needs throughout the year.

Sponsor a weekly or monthly contest in a classroom, such as math stars or a special reading program. Give a $10 gift certificate to the winner. It's not a big prize, but to a child, the motivation may be just what they need.

A geography teacher might need new maps or globes. I have never met an art teacher yet who had all the supplies he needed. Got some old t-shirts? They might make perfect cover-ups in the art department. How about a science-related magazine subscription for the science department? Or inspirational posters to hang in the classrooms. A video or two the history teacher has been longing to add to the curriculum. A new set of the classics for the school library. The list can go on and on.

And sometimes just a never-ending supply of tissues for the teacher's desk can be a good thing.

There are always kids whose families can't afford the regular schoolsupplies. Be a secret Santa and donate just what a child needs.

Of course, the gift of your time is always a winner. Offer to volunteer at your local school by reading to the kids. Helping teachers in the classroom or on field trips. Pitching in (gasp) in the lunch room. Perhaps the music department could use some one-on-one tutoring. Pass on your love of music.

Bottom line? Get to know the future leaders of this world. They willprobably remind you a lot of yourself at that age.

And donuts or bagels on Friday mornings in the teachers' lounge can't hurt either!

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