Ask Yourself

If you've chosen your home business, but you're still not sure how to get started, ask yourself these questions:

1) Can I run this business from my home? Will I need any special permits or licenses?
I've compiled links to the business development pages for every state in the US. Check your state listing for the regulations and requirements in your state

2) Will I have enough free time to devote to this business?
How old are your children? If they're in school, you will have the school hours available. Be sure to discipline yourself to sit down and work when your children are in school. If you have younger children, be realistic about the amount of time you will be able to work. *You* have to sleep sometime too.

3) Will I need additional education to run this business? Will I be able to attend classes or training sessions if I need to? Can I get the information I will need from books and websites?
There are many online resources to help you. If you need html help, html goodies is a good place to start.

4) Do I need more money to get started? How will I finance my business?
Again, be realistic. Can you get started with the money you have in savings? If you are looking at financing your business, your bank can tell you about your options. If you are planning on using credit cards, carefully calculate the interest you will have to pay, it can quickly get away from you. If you are currently working away from home, you may want to consider starting your business part-time, until your home business income is enough to make ends meet.

5) Does my family support my business? How can I get them involved?
Be sure to communicate with your family. Ask for their advice and look for ways that everyone can help with the business.

More resources:

SCORE (the service corps of retired executives) now offers email consulting. Visit their site for more advice.

The American Express Small Business Exchange also has a lot of helpful advice to help you get started.

You can get more sales if your customers can pay you with American Express. Click here to apply for an American Express merchant account

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