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Are You Going Bananas When You Should Be Going To The Bank?

by Robert Holladay

I know this is a strange title but, it really describes the MAJORITY of people that I meet on the Internet. There are too many people JUMPING from one program to the next and never STAYING with any of them.

They have been LED TO BELIEVE that all they need to do is put up a web site, include a few links and once that's all completed, sit back and watch the flood of visitors START POURING IN!! Too many people look at the Internet and online marketing with a "LOTTERY MENTALITY". In other words, they feel that if they join the right program then customers are going to Miraculously Appear!!

With so many "Get Rich Quick" programs circling the net, it is easy to understand why they have this type of mentality. When they don't make money at one program, they keep chasing "Magic Bean" programs and eventually it drives them "BANANAS" and they're finally willing to Listen to ME!!:o)

These same people will go to their offline jobs and work very hard to get ahead...but the minute they log on the net..instead of hard work...they rely on luck or the roll of the dice !! I train people everyday on the Internet to get started earning a living online...and usually the first thing I try to convey to them, is that if they work hard on their offline job...they must work just as hard online.

I've put together 5 Steps to " GET ORGANIZED " and JUMPSTART your business so that instead of GOING BANANAS you will be GOING TO THE BANK !!

1. Commit to time EVERYDAY to promote your business. If you are not willing to commit to spending at least some time everyday to your business it will be difficult to get it off the ground.

2. Sit down and write out a GAME PLAN. Be realistic but don't be too easy on yourself. You want to plan just a LITTLE BIGGER than what you think you can actually accomplish. This way you are always STRETCHING yourself out of your comfort zone into success. You can always adjust your goals as you progress.

3. Study your product or service and when you are relaxing or watching television...spend time writing the benefits of your product or service. You will have greater success promoting your product or service when you know it well and can articulate to your prospect or customer just what you have to offer. Also use that time to write ad copy that can be used in your marketing.

Some of the best ad copy has been written in front of the television . *L*

4. Commit to time with your SPOUSE and FAMILY. It doesn't matter how successful you become. If you alienate you're family on the still LOSE !!!

5. Finally....Test....Test....Test your advertising and once you find something that works...RIDE THAT HORSE TILL IT STOPS !!!

Never give up! Never Surrender! Don't expect SUCCESS to find you....Learn your CRAFT and you will find SUCCESS!

Robert Holladay is an International Internet Marketing Trainer, and publishes the International newsletter MegaRiches Success Ezine.
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