A New Spin On Search Engine Listings

By Kim Skinner

Countless hours and dollars have been spent by web site owners. All want the same thing; to get a top position in one or more major search engines.

Choosing just the right keywords, optimizing page after page for each keyword. Creating numerous doorway pages, paying experts. The list goes on and on.

But, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. For as little as $8 you can get your site to come up with the top listings for your keyword, every time.

Both Google and Ask Jeeves have similar programs that allow you to purchase a text ad that will appear right along side the top search results.

Here's how they work....


Thousands of searches are conducted on Google each and every day. And now, along with submitting your site to Google, which you should do, you can participate in their AdWords Program.

AdWords is quick and very affordable. You simply submit a text ad and it will appear just to the right of the search results for the keyword you've chosen.

Pricing ranges from $8 to $15 CPM (cost per thousand). The higher up you want your ad, the higher the price.

You open an account with your credit card and there is no minimum deposit required.

To ensure that your ad is only seen by the most targeted of prospects, simply be sure to choose very targeted keywords. Google offers help in this area with their "Ad Optimization Tips."

You can read all about AdWords, and open an account here: https://adwords.google.com/AdWords/Welcome.html.

Ask Jeeves

The Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network is a bit different. I should mention first that you will need to open your account with a $25 deposit.

Your text ad appears alongside the search results for every search topic you sponsor. Your ad also appears alongside the search results on sites that participate in the Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network, including MSN, Searchalot, Bomis.com, SuperCyberSearch, and Direct Hit.

You bid on search topics and the top three bidders get their ad shown. You are only charged when your link is shown. Depending on your search topic, you may only have to spend as little as half a cent per impression. It just depends on the popularity of your search term and the number of other bidders.

You can read all about the Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network here: http://sponsor.directhit.com.

Things change on the WWW with lightning speed. This is one change that you really can't afford not to try. I mean, let's face it, these methods are cheaper than most e-zine ads.

I've purchased MY ads. How about you?

Article by Kim Skinner, owner of AdvertisingTips.Net. Do you need help with your Online Marketing? Not getting the traffic or sales that you'd hoped? Put Kim's 4 years of experience to work for you. Browse her FREE, proven tools for the online entrepreneur at http://www.advertisingtips.net

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