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9 Ways Creative Moms Can Earn Money from Home

From crafting and party planning to graphic designing and teaching, there are multiple ways you can earn a living from home if you're the creative type. The beauty of it is that you can bring some extra cash in while doing something you would likely do for free anyway.
A female photographer working outside.

Start a work-from-home job just to earn money, and chances are you'll quickly be burnt out. The best home-based careers are built from personality and passion, not a simple need to earn money from home. If you have a highly creative personality, there are several great avenues that allow you to both earn money and expend some creative energy. Here are nine creative work-from-home jobs and a few tips for how to get started on any creative business venture.

1. Writing

Are you good at stringing a few words together? Do you enjoy the creativity of creating something from a blank page? Writing can be a great career that can be done nearly anywhere, including right from home. It involves little startup costs, has big earning potential, and serves as a great creative outlet. Try the WAHM jobs page, Freelance Writing Gigs or a freelance job board like Upwork to look for work.

2. Photography

Love taking pictures? Photography can be a great creative career for the right person. Photography is a high demand service, and many photographers work from home. Photography has high startup costs, since you'll need a good camera and an editing program at the very minimum. But if photography is your passion, it only makes sense to earn money while doing what you love. Take a few photography classes or pick up some books and improve your photos until you know your paid clients will be happy with your work.

3. Crafting

Love turning a few basic supplies into something cute and fun? Believe it or not, it is possible to earn money from crafting by selling what you make. Participating in local craft shows is one option, or you could sell on Etsy, which is like a big online craft sale. Start by identifying a few crafts you can do well—especially if there aren't many other crafters offering the same thing. To sell online, you'll want to work on taking good photos of the item and writing a few paragraphs about the product as well.

4. Artist

Creative work-from-home jobs aren't as new as you may think—artists have been doing it for years. If you enjoy painting or sculpting, why not turn it into a career? You can sell your art online at your own website, or through places like Etsy and other online art sales portals.

5. Party Planning

Maybe your creativity isn't the crafty type, but the planning type. That's okay—perhaps party planning could be a good work-from-home career opportunity for you. If you like decorating and planning and live in an large area where party planning is in demand, it can be a great career option.

6. Cooking and Baking

Is your creativity kitchen-oriented? Many creative work-from-home moms find success opening a baking or catering business from home—Martha Stewart started with a catering business in her own basement! Start by researching the permits required in your state for such a business, as well as choosing your best recipes.

7. Graphic Designer

Love to be creative on your computer? While graphic design requires some design knowledge as well as computer know-how, it's a viable work-from-home option. You'll need a computer with graphic design software to get started.

8. Musician

For those who are musically gifted, home-based music careers are a good possibility. While music careers require a higher start-up cost to record studio-level quality, it can be rewarding. Options include opening a home-based studio, recording your own music, or songwriting.

9. Instructor

Any creative talent is worth sharing as an instructor. Whatever your passion is—whether it is writing, photography, crafts, music or another creative field, teaching that skill can be a great business opportunity. Working as an instructor is a great way to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, with your income. Professional photographers can teach moms how to take better pictures of their own kids while still operating their studio, for example. Or, teaching can be the only thing you do as a way to earn extra spending money, like teaching piano lessons in your home.

Getting Started with a Creative Work-From-Home Career

While creative careers can be vastly different, they have a few things in common when it comes to the business world. Whether you would like to work as a photographer or a crafter, here's a few of the things you'll need to do to get started.

  • Make sure you have the knowledge and gear. If you'd like to call yourself a professional, you'll need to separate yourself from the amatures. Hone your skills through classes or books, and make sure you have the right gear to get started.

  • Choose a niche area. Creative business opportunities usually have quite a few sub-genres. Take writing, for example. Professional writers could craft blogs, e-books, content marketing, media relations, business documents, social media—there are a lot of options. Be sure to choose an area to focus on that you can excel in, rather than being mediocre at a wide variety of things.

  • Build a portfolio. Every creative professional has a different style, so it's essential to have a portfolio that shows your particular style to potential clients or customers. Craft some pieces in your target niche, then put them in an online portfolio. You may need to offer to do a project for free in order to get started, and that's okay.

  • Start looking for work. Once you've narrowed down your focus and built a portfolio, start searching for work, through either applying for jobs or marketing your business outright. Try the WAHM jobs page or a website specific to your field, like Etsy or Businesses like photography studios and catering companies will need to start reaching out locally through marketing efforts like social media, local publications, or partnering with like-minded business. For example, if you are a wedding caterer or photographer, drop off some flyers at reception halls.

Creative careers allow work-from-home moms to do what they enjoy, while still earning an income. If you have a creative personality type, going into a creative home-based career may help prevent burnout and even give you an enjoyable creative outlet.

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