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8 Ideal Jobs for Working Remotely


Working remotely is one of the best types of jobs a mom can have--or anyone for that matter. The freedom and flexibility of working from home, working at an office, working at mom's house or working on the road is enjoyable and liberating. But, not every job offers such flexibility.

Increasingly, some employers are offering extended telecommute options, home access to the business network, online or home video conferencing, and additional opportunities to work from home. Here is a survey of the top 8 jobs that give the greatest flexibility for remote working.

1. Sales

Sales jobs happen on the road, in homes, on the phone, or online--most of which need not be done in an office. Sales positions aren't for everybody. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah, and go-get-'em personality to make it in the sales world, but there are some good opportunities, be it selling cosmetics, cooking ware, telephone sales or services.

2. Administrative Services

Often, busy professionals, need personal assistants who will work remotely. Administrative duties such as correspondence, dictation, travel plans, scheduling, etc., can be performed by an assistant from home or on the road. All you need is online access to the Internet, calendars, e-mail, etc.

3. Typing or Dictation Services

Many WAHMs have found a job of typing to be the perfect remote workplace job. Often, typists are needed for medical or legal organizations. Some companies hire typists to perform transcription services as well.

4. Writing

As one of the most popular work-from-home jobs, writing holds a fascination for many. With hundreds of websites being launched daily, blogs exploding in popularity and advertising copy being produced, the volume of work has accommodated the large number of people interested in this type of occupation. 

5. Customer Service

Since it's a telephone-based job, many customer service personnel now work remotely, using their phone and VPN to access the workplace. Often customer service jobs of this variety will help answer technical questions, place orders and sell products.

6. Call Center

Similar to customer service jobs, call center jobs require only a telephone and computer as well--a perfect job for remote work. As a job which employs over two million individuals in the U.S., this job presents an ideal opportunity for at-home work.

7. Design Work

Graphic designers, whose main tool is a powerful computer, often enjoy remote working options. In fact, some design firms, to cut costs and increase company moral, have little or no physical office presence, and manage all their work remotely.

8. Consulting

Although it's a catch-all category, many whose jobs require consulting can work much of their time from home. Financial consultants spend anywhere from 40-100% of their time working remotely. Engineers often perform their work from home. Those in the IT industry are moving toward remote work solutions. Recruiters need only their telephone and database to work effectively. HR professionals also function effectively away from the office.

While the daily vehicle commute will always have its place, many employers are realizing the value of telecommute options for their employees. If working remotely is something that appeals for you, one or more of these jobs is probably within your reach.

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