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7 Strategies to Handle the Stress of Being a Single Mother


For new parents, there are quite a few challenges. Being a single mother, however, has its fair share of different challenges. Although raising a child is not easily done by one person, the child's developmental needs must be met nonetheless. Reducing stress will help single moms address the challenges of raising a child more effectively.

For single moms trying to raise your child or children, you are not alone. There are many single mothers out there and are doing a great job in raising their kids. These are the 7 things these successful single mothers do.

Strategy #1 - Care for Yourself

Taking good care of yourself i.e. eating healthy, getting enough sleep and rest, is the foundation for you to be able to raise your children well. It all boils down to having the strength and the stamina to take care of your kids.

Strategy #2 - Time Management

Plan everything you do by the hour to get things done. Once you learn how to manage your time, you will find taking care of your children more enjoyable and have more time to spend with them as well. Apart from that, you can finish all your errands and go to sleep with a peace of mind that you have done everything that needed to be done.

Strategy #3 - Preparing Food during the Weekend

Single parents have to work during weekdays and fail to cook for themselves and for their children most of the time. The best thing for you to do is prepare meals for your kids in bulk during the weekend and freezing them. Once the kids are hungry, they can just warm what you have in the microwave. It saves a lot of time and energy, and you can spend more stress free time with your kids.

Strategy #4 - Prioritize Your Budget

Make sure that you budget your money well. Once the finances are not much of a problem, a lot of anxiety will be eliminated.

Strategy #5 - Allot Time for Exercise

Exercising at least 30 minutes a day relieves stress. Jogging, for example, is not only a good way to exercise, it can be your method of clearing your head. After that you will feel more energized. If your children aren't old enough to leave home alone, bring them with you for a walk around the block or a bike around the park. Not only will you spend quality time with your children, you can also reinforce health living habits.

Strategy #6 - Trust Yourself

You will be getting a lot of advice on how to raise your children and this on its own can be quite stressful. Do not second guess yourself if your intuition tells you what is right. You know your children and your situation best.

Strategy #7 - Time for Yourself

Pamper yourself from time to time and do things for YOU. Whether it's buying a new book for you to read or getting a full body massage, it doesn't matter. Ask a close friend, parent or babysitter to watch the kids for a couple of hours. Recharge your batteries!  After all, apart from yourjob, you are a fulltime mother so you will need to have a break.

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