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6 Workouts You Can Do with Your Baby


After the birth of your baby, you can get back into shape fairly simply by incorporating your child into your daily work out routine. Be sure to check with your doctor prior, as it is advised to wait until your six-week postnatal checkup before launching your exercise program.

Below you will find some easy fitness ideas that will not only get you back into shape, but can also enhance the time spent with your new family addition.

1. Get Started with a Stroll

The best way to begin is to start off slow and work towards a goal. Simply put your child in a carriage or stroller and take a stroll outdoors all around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. Walking is a great way to enjoy some fresh air for both you and your baby.

Depending on where you live, the time of year and the weather conditions will make or break this outdoor stroll. If the weather is too cold, rainy or windy, you can pack up your stroller and head to the local indoor shopping mall. Here you can walk the entire length of the mall and back again. Avoid stepping inside the stores as shopping will only get you off track; at least wait until you have reached your allotted time.

2. Pick up the Pace with Power-walking or Jogging

Once you feel that you are ready to step it up a notch, you can pick up the pace with power walking. Be sure you are wearing suitable footwear and the pavement should be level for your baby to enjoy a smooth ride. You can continue to push the stroller as you move along at a quicker pace or you may opt for the body baby sling or baby carrier. Be sure that your baby is safely strapped in and attached directly next to your body front.

3. Biking with Baby

Bike riding is a great workout for you without leaving your little one behind. Invest in a high-quality bike carrier that specializes in safety and comfort for you and your child.

4. Bouncing Baby

Sit on a chair with you baby on your lap and lift both heels up then down to bounce baby while working out the lower calves and upper thighs. Repeat the motion while increasing to a speed that is pleasing to your child.

5. Dance to the Music

Turn on the stereo to some of your favorite music. You many even wish to put on some music for small children. Hold your baby in your arms or baby sling, and dance around while singing to your baby. You can even place your baby in a carrier on the couch or on the floor. You don't need to hold your baby; you just want to include your baby. Simply by jumping around, singing and acting silly while always engaging with your child will make baby happy while you are able to pick up the pace without risking injury to baby.

6. "Kissing Baby" Push-ups

Place your baby on a mat facing up. Next, get on all fours, positioning yourself for half push ups. While remaining on your knees, lower your arms, kiss baby on the nose and lift her back up. Your baby will love watching you.

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