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6 Tips to Find an At-Home Seasonal Job This Year

If you're planning on looking for a seasonal job, it's smart to start during the late summer months.

Sure, the stores are well stocked with back-to-school supplies, but it will only be a matter of time before the pumpkin spice candles and holiday goodies deck the shelves. That’s what makes looking for a seasonal job during the late summer months a very smart job search move. If you’re thinking of finding an at-home seasonal job this year, these six tips can do the holiday trick!

Find out which fields are hiring.

If you want to find an at-home seasonal job, it makes sense to know which fields are hiring the most flexible workers. The industries that have shown to post the most job descriptions for seasonal workers include accounting, customer service, computer and IT, entertainment and media, education, medical, and marketing, as well as retail and sales jobs.

Companies that have hired (or are hiring) seasonal workers include Forever 21, Los Angeles Clippers, Tiny Prints, Neiman Marcus, National Football League – NFL, and Liberty Tax Service, to name a few.

Flexible positions that are currently being hired for include administrative support specialist, accounting associate, admissions counselor, leadership coach, holiday clerical, recruitment associate, donor services administrative assistant, production designer, and more.

Know your flexible work needs.

After you start perusing the job descriptions, it can be easy to get excited by how many great seasonal at-home jobs there are and want to start applying for them all. But it’s good to know what your flexible work needs are first, though. Even though a full-time job might sound amazing, you may only have enough hours to dedicate to a part-time position. So take a realistic look at how much time you’ll have to work, and then adjust your flexible job search accordingly.

Consider a (seasonal) career change.

Sure, you were in education for almost your entire career before you decided to off-ramp and stay home with the kids. That doesn’t mean you have to pick right up and continue on in your former career, especially if it wasn’t one you particularly loved. View your job search for an at-home seasonal job as the perfect time to consider a temporary career change! Look at the various positions offered and think about what would be interesting to do—not what you feel you have to do. You never know, you might discover a newfound interest in a career that you haven’t explored before!

Time your job search right.

If you thought that seasonal jobs equaled being a Santa’s helper in the mall, think again. Various industries hire seasonal workers, particularly before it’s time to break out your sweaters and boots. Ideally, you should think about starting your search sooner rather than later. Seasonal jobs get hired for pretty quickly, especially since there’s already a looming deadline set about when workers would have to start. So if you want a seasonal gig, there’s no time like the present to jump-start your job search!

Get your family on board.

For many moms, a seasonal at-home job can be a great segue to rejoining the workforce. It only works, though, if your entire family is amenable to you working. Try scheduling a meeting with your family to let them know of your plans to work at home and how it will affect everyone. After all, just because you are home doesn’t mean that you aren’t working, so last-minute runs to the mall with your tween aren’t going to be an option for a while. Create a home office space if you don’t have one (you can convert a spare room, a garage, even an attic or a closet into a home office) that is to be used for work purposes only. If your family sees you taking your at-home seasonal job seriously, so will they.

Make your application stand out.

Let’s say that you’ve been out of the workforce for a few years. You’re probably concerned with how you can make your job application look as professional and polished as other job applicants. No need to worry. If you’re concerned about employment gaps, use a creative or functional resume that is not chronological but instead focuses on skills learned and previous work experiences achieved. Be sure to include a summary of qualifications at the top, a one-line sentence that serves to show a potential employer what you can do. Also focus on the skills section, which should highlight not only all of your tech skills, but the soft skills that remote employers look for, such as your ability to problem solve, being able to self-manage, your strong communication skills, and your team building and collaboration skills as well.

If you’re looking for an at-home seasonal job, there’s no time like the present! So start your job search today, and you’ll be gainfully employed before you start to feel the first crisp, cool breezes of autumn air.

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