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6 Tips for Staying Positive in a Down Economy


When times are good and everybody seems flush, it's not hard to be enthusiastic about an economy or pile onto a bull market, but when the markets turns down, unemployment rises, and families begin to experience collective anxiety about the future, staying positive can be hard. The vanguard of people who often work at the frontier of a changing economy that is at a low point can often recommend some strategies for staying positive and working realistically with what is available in an academic downturn. Here are some ways to handle a down economy and wait out a financial crisis to re-emerge victorious on the other side of a dip.

1. Remember That Nothing is Foreve

One of the most basic elements of waiting out a bad economic period is to always maintain hope for the future. Economies tend to go in cycles, and those who have a cyclical view will often avoid becoming depressed in a depression.

2. Utilize Available Savings

It stands to reason that those who have money saved up for hard times will be less affected by negative ideas during a downturn. Use savings responsibly, and this stored capital will often provide a life raft for the down times.

3. Keep a "Glass Half Full" Mentality

Another way to look at a personal financial situation is to count the things that you have instead of the things that you want or the things that you used to have. It might seem simplistic, but keeping this optimism can help make the difference between stagnation or new initiatives that will help lift a person or family out of poverty or financial crisis.

4. Use the Principle of Underbidding Services in a Contracting Economy

When there is a downturn, the average consumer will often turn to cheaper services. That leaves the smallest businesses with some specific windows of opportunity for gaining business, rather than dropping off in the downturn. Be proactive in catching the business of those who have dropped pricier corporate accounts and embraced local business in a dry economic climate.

5. Seek out Opportunities for Change 

For some people, unemployment is actually beneficial in some ways. Individuals often lose their jobs, set out to make a change, and find themselves several years later enjoying their lives much more than they previously did. Make no mistake, unemployment is scary, but coming out on the other side is often well worth the effort as individuals strike out on their own toward goals that they may have set aside when they had the ability to hire on with a company in a boom time.

6. Keep Diversifying Capital

For investors, a down economy can be terrible for those who were already "all in," but for those who were keeping reserves on the sidelines for economic downturns, a dip can be an opportunity. When an economy becomes depressed, various assets and equities are sold at "fire sale" prices, leaving patient investors with huge gains in the years after a downturn.

Consider all of these ideas to boost morale and maintain a positive outlook for a bad economic era.

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