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6 Tips for Starting Out as an GMAT Tutor


One business idea for a work at home career is to become a GMAT tutor. With the right plan in place, this can be a lucrative career move for you (offering you more time with your family). There are some things you should consider as you start out. This will help avoid some pitfalls and challenges along the way.

Tip #1 - Understand the Test

Know the definition of GMAT and what it is for before branding yourself as a tutor. Your students will want to know that you can explain the test to them before hiring you as their tutor.

For example, be able to tell them: GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. The test is a standardized test to assess your aptitude and ability in math, English, verbal and writing skills. The purpose of the test is to indicate your ability to succeed in a business study program for an MBA. It is typically part of the graduate admissions process.

Tip #2 - Have a Business Plan

Before beginning the endeavor of tutoring for the GMAT, you need to have a business plan in place. This should include:

  • a solid tutoring practice routine
  • how you will promote your business
  • how much you will charge
  • whether you will tutor at your home or elsewhere
  • what materials you will have available for students


Tip #3 - Know How You Score

It is highly recommended that you have taken the test yourself and scored well. This is important to show your credibility.  This also shows you have firsthand knowledge of the testing areas and the testing process. Knowing what to expect puts potential students at ease.

Tip #4 - Decide On Groups or Individuals

You will need to determine if you will be offering tutoring to individuals, groups or both. There are certain advantages to each. If you naturally enjoy the teaching process and do well, teaching to groups might work better for you. This also might enable you to make it more financially feasible for potential students. However, it does not account for any individual student's area of strength (or challenge).

Tip #5 - Teach Relaxation Methods

Yes, deep breathing should be a part of your tutoring process. Many students have test anxiety and teaching them to do correct deep breathing exercises will lessen their anxiety at test time. It doesn't have to be extensive; just learning the basic technique will suffice.

Tip #6 - Keep Up With Changes

Students you tutor will count on you to know where the local testing sites are and when testing times are. You should also stay current on testing content changes and testing methods. Knowing how the scoring system works and what the mean score amount is will help students put themselves in perspective. It also helps to be aware of all of the local college programs that require GMAT scores.

In general, it will help you develop and grow your business if you determine ahead of time what hours you are willing to work (and how to keep flexibility to your schedule). GMAT tutoring is a rewarding career that will keep you challenged.

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