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6 Tips for Starting a Floral Design Business


If you have a passion for floral design, it is possible to create a business opportunity and work from home. It will take some planning and leg work, but it will be worth any efforts. Since there are so many occasions and reasons to give fresh flowers, there won't be a lack of opportunity once you start. Use these tips as you begin, and success will be yours.

Tip 1 - Take Care of the Legal Aspects

The first step in starting any business is to research what legal aspects are necessary for your home-based business. Check your local city ordinance for any special permits or licenses that might be required.

You will need to register your business name and apply for a business license. Research what insurance will be necessary. File for a federal tax ID number.

Tip 2 - Separate the Finances

It is vital when starting a business to separate your personal finances from your business finances. After you have received your business license and tax ID number, you will need to open a business bank account.

Research all of the local banks and credit unions in your area. Find the one that will offer you the best business services. If you have opted to take credit cards, be sure your bank or credit union offers this service.

Tip 3 - Gain Experience

Whether you have been doing flower design as a hobby for years or used to work in a flower shop, some experience is a must. Customers will expect quality, and without experience, quality arrangements will be difficult to produce. Consider taking at least 1 or 2 classes at a local or online floral school to learn the professional basics.

Tip 4 - Decide on a Niche

There are tons of flower shops and floral designers out there. Decide what will make you and your service unique and different. Develop your business around this specialty. Some focus areas to think about are:

  • weddings
  • corporate functions
  • hotels
  • unique designs for all occasions

The possibilities are endless.

Tip 5 - Develop Your Business Brand

Once you have all the necessary permits and licenses and you have decided on your specialty, it's time to focus on your brand. This means creating a logo, and establishing business cards, flyers, marketing ads, and most importantly, an internet presence. You can pay to have someone create a website for you, or you can build it yourself through a simple program. Either way, some type of website is vital to your business success.

Tip 6 - Start Talking

The best way to start promoting your new business is word of mouth. If you have decided to focus on wedding floral design, go to the local wedding dress shops or stationary shops and leave your literature. Introduce yourself and bring photos of your designs. Offer reciprocal advertising or discounts to their customers.

Along with these tips, a few other things to think about are whether you are going to grow your own flowers or buy wholesale, and where you are going to set up shop at in your home. As you grow your business, there will be some trial and error, but there will also be tons of creative fun, so enjoy!

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