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6 Qualities to Look for When Choosing Hired Help for Your Kids


Hired help at home can be a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to looking after your kids. However, choosing the right help may not be that easy; it can be as overwhelming as sending one of your kids to his first day of school. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is being cared for in a nurturing environment that is also safe, fun and educational at the same time. So, what qualities should you look for when choosing hired help? Find out below.

1. Experience

Just like other job descriptions, experience is important when choosing the best hired help for your household. The most experienced caregivers know about caring for kids and already know how to respond to certain situations. You can ask for references from their previous employers, but if you want to be more informal about it, you can simply ask them if they have similar experience in taking care of their nieces, nephews or even their own kids. Experience, after all, is the greatest teacher. However, this does not really mean that you should disregard the inexperienced caregivers as well. Whoever you feel most comfortable with is important. A background check on potential candidates is also recommended.

2. Personality

As a parent, you already know your child's temperament and personality. Find a nanny that will complement your children's personalities and sometimes yours too. You do not want to have a homebody nanny when the whole family loves the outdoors.

3. Education

There are several short-term courses and training programs that specialize in teaching nannies the basics of child care. If possible, look for someone who has undergone this kind of training or schooling. These courses usually tackle subjects such as nutrition, child psychology and basic child health matters. First aid and safety trainings are sometimes incorporated too.

4. Character and Attitude

Your chosen hired help should have the natural inclination to children. She should be naturally caring, understanding and loving to kids. She should also be able to work harmoniously with other family members and most of all, can be trusted.

5. Trainable

An excellent caregiver should be willing to learn and should be open to the idea that she has to set aside her traditional ways to make way for something new.

6. Requirements and Expectations

Make it clear to your chosen hired help your expectations and requirements. For example, if your child has special needs, find a nanny that is specifically trained in providing such needs. Inform her of your expected work hours and employment duration. On the other hand, you can also ask what her expectations are from you as a potential employer.

Offer the chosen hired help realistic figures and benefits. Do not choose someone whose rates are beyond your allocated budget. Do not hesitate in asking relevant questions to the potential candidates. Take the time when you're looking for someone; rushing into things might lead to undesirable results.

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