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6 Photo Taking Tips for Your Costume Design Business


By following a number of photo taking tips for your costume design business, you can start creating your own portfolio. Advertising has a great impact on a costume business' success and sustainability--this includes taking great photos of the costumes that are up for sale or rent. Here are six photo taking tips:

1. Lighting

"It's about the lighting" is one of the most common statements that photographers, both amateur and professional, use when asked how they take great photos. Use natural light as much as possible and shoot from the outside and near windows and white walls as well.  You can shoot in the morning or early afternoon when diffused light is available. You might want to avoid flashes, unless you want to emphasize certain details of a costume. Watch out for reflective surfaces such as glass panels and mirrors.

2. Background

It is quite obvious that the background you chose should not outshine your costume design. The key to choosing the right background is to keep it simple. Shooting inside a studio is ideal because you can adjust the lighting and modify the background to your own liking and preference. When shooting inside a studio, meter the entire area using a separate light meter to avoid unwanted shadows. You don't have to rent a professional studio--you can recreate the usual studio conditions inside your room or any spare room you have.

3. Model

Choosing a model may seem easy, but you have to keep in mind that the highlight of your photo should be your designs, not the model behind the costume. Give yourself enough time to decide on who to choose for a particular design. You don't even have to go for models with the usual commercial looks. Make your photos more realistic by employing unusual looking people instead. They will make the photos more interesting, which in turn will help you sell your costume designs.

4. Hairstyling and Makeup

Make use of hairstyling and makeup that will complement your designs. Do not be afraid to exaggerate on both makeup and hairstyling. For example, if you choose to create a seductive look, choose dark, heavy tones while subdued pastel colors will most likely fit costumes that radiate an innocent or natural feel.

5. Theme and Location

If you don't want to make use of a studio and would want to shoot outside, finding the right location is equally important. Do you want to tell a story? Shoot a series of photos and let your models act. By conveying a narrative, the costumes themselves will tell the story, which makes it more interesting. You might also want to choose a theme that will complement your designs.

6. Make Use of Different Angles

One of the basic rules in taking great photos is to shoot at different angles. Do not be afraid to move around the scene and explore all angles possible. Climb a ladder, crouch low or move close to the subject so you can focus on the design's details.

Practice, they say, makes perfect. So, get that camera gear ready and take shots of your costume designs whenever you can.

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