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6 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Digital Artist


As a new digital artist, you may want to know how to best sell your art. You want to get a good price for it, but you realize that the market is competitive. Ensure to get your foot in the door the right way by avoiding the following mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Having a Niche

Though you want to make sure you can appeal to any potential clients, you should also have a niche in something you do especially well. That niche will set you apart from other digital artists in your area, and help convince potential clients to work with you and not go to your competition.

Mistake #2: Not Advertising Yourself

If you do not advertise your work or your services, you will not find work. Advertise yourself in a few essential places, such as your local newspapers, online directories and local magazines. Tell your friends about your service so that they can refer you to people that they know.

Create a business website and utilize appropriate keywords to direct traffic to your site and pull in more business.

Mistake #3: Not Having Fair Prices

It is important that you get paid for your work and for all the time you put into the work. At the same time, you do not want to oversell your work to the point that no one will purchase your art or services.

Research what other new digital artists in your area are charging for their work, and keep your rates in the same ballpark field. If you are especially good at what you do and eventually get many referrals, you can raise your prices at that time because you are on demand, but when starting out, keep your prices low, while making sure that your needs are being met.

Mistake #4: Billing Incorrectly

If you are creating art for clients at an hourly rate, make sure to keep clear track of your hours spent working on their specific assignment. This is especially important if you are working on more than one assignment a day and need to bill separately to different customers.

Make sure your customer's know your hourly rates for creations, revisions, and if you must research anything new for their specific need. Also, make sure you have all the resources you will need to complete their assignment before starting it. If you will need specific software for their assignment, you may want to charge a little more.

Mistake #5: Misunderstanding the Customers' Needs

Make sure that you fully understand what the customer is requesting of you before you start the project. For example, if your customer asks for a "chic" logo, find out their definition of the word "chic". It may be something different than what most people associate with the word.

While you are talking with them, outline on paper a few ideas for your design and ask them for any input. This ensures that you are headed in the right direction, and will not only have a happy customer when you are finished with your work, you will also not have to redo your work because of a miscommunication.

Mistake #6 Breaking Copyright Laws

Never copy any materials without the written consent of the creator of the material. If a client gives you materials to copy, make sure they are the creator of that material or have them give you the information on reaching the creator.

By making sure to avoid these simple mistakes, you can make sure that you are giving quality work at a quality price to your customers.

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