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6 Household Management Tips for Back to School Moms


Oftentimes, back to school moms find it difficult to juggle the roles of a homemaker, wife and mother. There's homework to do, dinner to prepare, a week-old laundry waiting and the kids need to be brought to the dentist. If you're a busy mother who's currently or looking into going back to school, here are some household management tips to keep the house, family and school life in order.

1. Plan Meals Weekly

It is best to plan for your meals weekly as it can save you the hassle of deciding what to serve on a daily basis. Treat grocery shopping during the weekends as a perfect time to unwind and relax. During exam dates, you can treat the family in ordering in something for takeout or eating out at a favorite restaurant. If you're a little bit tight on the budget, have easy-to-prepare meals handy such as pasta and salads.

2. Get the Family Involved

If you cannot afford to hire a part time or full time help, get the entire family involved in the household chores. Discuss this with your partner; he should be 100 percent supportive of your schooling. Perhaps your husband can help the kids with their homework on days when you're doing your own homework. You are lucky if you're partner is into cooking since he can take charge of the kitchen when you're not around. You can also delegate lighter tasks to the kids such as doing the dishes, arranging the shelves and feeding pets.

3. Be Flexible

Juggling the household chores and school requires flexibility on your part. You should be able to shift your priorities immediately when the need arises. If you refuse to be flexible, you might just end up frustrated and not able to do anything productive at all.

4. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination should be your worst enemy. The moment you can act on something you've wanted to do, start on it. Each minute you waste can never be retained. Work on a paper even though it's due in a month's time, iron clothes in advance and have packed lunches ready the night before if you can. It is also best to set deadlines for yourself on a daily basis. This will make tough responsibilities easier like cutting a large chunk of bread into bite-sized pieces. Tackle the toughest responsibilities first and everything else will follow.

5. Do Homework with the Kids

If possible, do your homework while the youngsters are doing theirs. Aside from being a good role model, it's also a perfect time to bond with the kids. You can even hold a friendly competition among you and the kids as to who will finish the homework first.

6. Have Time for Yourself

Amidst the hassle and bustle of school and work, remember to have some time alone. You can use this to relax and perhaps use this to bond with your partner. Visit a salon, get some pedicure or sport a new hairdo. It will not only help you unwind, but will give you a fresh start.

As long as you don't lose focus in achieving your goals, you won't have problems graduating.

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