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6 Factors That Impact Your Typing Speed


Having a fast typing speed is very important to productivity with at home jobs. Several different things can impact typing speed. Knowing what factors play a role in your typing pace can help you obtain the most efficient speed possible.


1. Ergonomics


Having an ergonomically designed keyboard, along with incorporating best ergonomic practices with your desk, chair and other aspects of an office, will greatly impact the typing speed you are able to reach. If you are uncomfortable as you type, the speed will be significantly reduced over time. Poor ergonomics may also lead to wrist and hand injuries in the future.


2. Poor Dictation and Handwriting


If typing from dictation or a handwritten document, it can be difficult to type at a regular speed because of frequent stops to hear the dictation or closely examine the handwriting. If possible, listen to the dictation or read the document a few times before typing begins. If handwriting is the problem, take notes to remember the correct words.


3. Obsolete Computer Hardware


If your computer hardware is old or experiencing issues with RAM (random access memory), the computer will not be able to process the letters on the screen as fast as you can type them. This will cause issues as you try to figure out how long it will take for the words to appear on the screen (many times backtracking through what he or she has already typed to fix the problem).


4. Distractions


This is the most common reason for a slower typing speed, as many people work on their computers with the TV or radio blaring in the background (or children coming in and out of the room demanding their attention). As the brain shifts between more than one task, less attention is paid to each task. Though your typing speed itself may not be affected, there's a higher chance for typographical errors, slowing your speed as you make corrections.


5. Underdeveloped Skills


Typing speed comes with practice. The more you type, the faster you will be able to type over time. Dealing with special characters, the number keypad or having to look at the keyboard while typing will greatly reduce your speed. There are several different programs online that will help people train themselves to type faster. Practice is the best way to work out any typographical error habits and to learn to type without looking at the keyboard.


6. Using Mouse instead of Shortcut Keys


Using shortcut keys is a great way to increase your speed, because it takes more time to take the hand away from the keyboard, reach for the mouse, and point and click. Learning keyboard commands such as ctrl + c for copy, ctrl + v for paste and ctrl + p for print will save time and increase typing speed.


Overcoming these 6 obstacles that slow down typing speed will help you become a more efficient typer and increase your work productivity.

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