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6 Activities for Getting Your Family into the Holiday Spirit


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's important to get your family into the holiday spirit and capture the excitement of this wonderful time of year. Before all of the holiday planning, decorating, shopping and other festivities begin, what kind of activities can you do to get your family into the holiday spirit to make the most of your holiday season?

1. Establish Traditions

Establish traditions that your family will look forward to year after year. For some, this may be decorating the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. For others, it might be going to see a festive light display the first weekend of December. Family traditions that are celebrated year after year are special memories to be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Volunteer Your Time & Services

Isn't there something special and magical about the holiday season that makes people think of others? More so than any other time of year, people are much more attentive and aware of the needs of others during the holiday season. Volunteering your time to help others in need, such as serving meals at the local homeless shelter or delivering toys to needy children, is a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit. You could also volunteer to make hot chocolate and holiday treats for the folks sitting at the outdoor tree lots or take a batch of cookies to your local fire station, thanking them for their efforts.

3. Sing, Sing, Sing

Singing Christmas songs, both traditional and contemporary, will put anyone in the holiday spirit. Crank up the tunes in the car, in your office and in your home to make this time of year special. Going caroling is an old-fashioned, but tried-and-true, method of getting into the holiday spirit.

4. Card Making

Everyone enjoys receiving cards this time of year. Instead of buying commercially designed Christmas cards this year, make your own. With your family, gather a variety of art supplies to create handmade cards to send to your loved ones. Use crayons, markers, glitter, glue, shape cut-outs, felt pieces, photographs and other materials for your cards. While you are making cards for your friends and family, consider sending a batch to your local nursing home to brighten the season for residents who might not otherwise receive a card or gift this year.

5. Cookie Baking & Decorating

Whether you are making gingerbread men or decorating sugar cookies, baking holiday treats is a great way to begin holiday festivities. Bake up a batch or two of your favorite cookies and keep the cookie jar full of holiday treats throughout the season. Other goodies, such as fudge, candy, fruitcake and popcorn balls, are wonderful treats to make during the holidays. Again, consider sharing your homemade goodies with friends, family and the community.

6. Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is one of the fastest ways to get in the holiday spirit. The sights, sounds and smells of the season will surround you as you enter stores and see people walking past with their arms loaded with bags. Malls and shopping centers across the country are fully decorated for the holiday season, including festive Santa wonderlands for the children to delight in.

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