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5 Tips for the College Application Essay


When it's time for youngsters to start preparing for college, one of the big issues is the college application essay. This document can have a big impact on whether a student gets admitted to a specific school. It's one of the more abstract items to fill out on the college application, and lots of students have issues with it. Here are some good tips for fine-tuning the college application essay to get a better chance of acceptance.

1. Focus Your Essay

The best college application essays have a narrow and well defined focus. They evaluate their audience, which is school officials or other academic professionals, and keep the tone academic without overloading it with jargon or excessive vocabulary.

2. The Thesis Statement

Another way to work on fine-tuning an essay is to provide a thesis statement at the beginning. The thesis statement should accurately identify the "main points" of the asset. This is helpful in research papers and essays as well. It's also helpful to end the college application essay with a similar overall statement to provide an effective resolution.

3. The IBC Method

Another good tip is to structure the essay the right way. This can help to prevent rambling and make the essay more presentable to readers. The IBC or Introduction, Body, Conclusion method involves carving the essay up into these three critical pieces and treating each one as a separate but connected imperative. An outline can help applicants craft a more structured essay.

4. Use Specific and Relevant Examples

One of the biggest skills for crafting a good college application essay is the ability to use specific and relevant examples for what you want to express. Academic professionals look closely at the examples or "proof" that the writer provides for his points. Instead of just citing vague facts, apply some specific and concrete examples in your essay.

5. Make Use of Previous Instruction

Many of the college applicants who are dealing with the essay requirement have already gone through SAT preparation. The SAT also includes an essay requirement in most cases. This can give a student a good head start when it comes to the actual college essay. Take into consideration all of the tips and tricks learned in an SAT prep class or in general study for the test. Take suggestions from test scorers to heart. This can be the basis for a lot of good solid instruction that applies to the standards for a college application essay.

All of this can help a college applicant to really zero in on how to create a good college essay. Schools really do look at these parts of the application, so it makes sense to do a little practice and prep for the newer writing section of an application to give your submission an edge in a competitive academic environment.

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