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5 Tips for Starting Out as an LSAT Tutor


The LSAT is the test that students must take before being admitted to law school, and many students end up needing a LSAT tutor to help them in preparation. Knowing that it is an important step in the law school process, many students stress about the LSAT and study for months and months.

If you feel as though you are qualified to help students prepare for the test, then you might want to consider hiring yourself out as an LSAT tutor. It's not as complicated as it might sound if you already possess the skills, and there is great money to be made--up to $50 per hour in some cases.

Here are 5 tips for starting out as an LSAT tutor...

1. Remain Cautious with Your Pricing

While in some major cities is perfectly acceptable to charge $40-50 per hour, if you are in a smaller location, you might want to start out lower. Be careful not to underestimate yourself, however. Starting out at $25 is a respectable price and should get you plenty of leads. Work your way up once your reputation has built up and you have some clientele.

2. Don't Forget to Advertise

Craigslist is a great place to advertise your services as an LSAT tutor. In addition, you should definitely create your own website, make some business cards, and register with tutoring directors who can help you link up with prospective students. You should also advertise at local colleges and universities, as well as at alumni events and employment agencies, too. Don't ever look at a situation and think that it is not a good opportunity to advertise; your next client could literally emerge from a conversation that you are having with a total stranger in a grocery store line.

3. Ensure You Have a Plan and a Curriculum in Mind

However, don't let it stop you from making adjustments to suit the needs of each student. You might have a student who had a test score of 130, seeking to improve it to somewhere in the 160s. On the other hand, you might have another come in with one in the 160s desiring a better score in the 170s. Make sure that you tailor your approach to fit the student, but have an underlying method to your approach as well.

4. Maintain Relevance

Things change in the world of testing, and you need to be up-to-date on these changes. Stay informed by joining a message board, joining a tutoring community and talking to other tutors who are in the same subject as you.

5. Strive for Professionalism

Have a business plan created that focuses on your skills, your market, the start-up cost, what you are going to teach and the location of your business. Some students might prefer that you come to their place. You have to consider the safety issues of doing this in addition to the convenience (or not) and so forth. If this is not okay with you, then you need to have a clean, quiet place for them to come; this could be in your home or a rented space.

Follow these 5 tips to successfully launch your LSAT tutoring business!

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