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5 Tips for Keeping up the Holiday Spirit while Working


Sometimes, maintaining that joyful holiday spirit can be impossible when working, particularly for work-at-home moms who can see the house full of decorations and delicious treats sitting in the kitchen. Knowing that fun times are just around the corner can make work seem like a drag. Still, though, it is necessary to keep up your holiday spirit so neither your family or boss have to deal with a Scrooge.

1. Remind Yourself that Working Is Necessary

You work to support yourself and your children. Some work-at-home-moms work to support other family members as well. Through work, you are able to afford the things your family needs and enjoys. To keep up the holiday spirit, remind yourself why you work: to create the best life possible for your family.

2. Create a Work Environment

Even if you absolutely adore your Santa collection, having it in your office will be a distraction and possibly a disheartening one at that. Keep your workspace free of holiday decorations that may only remind you of what you're missing out on or what you have left undone to prepare for the holidays.

3. Take Time Off

You should quit working at a reasonable hour each evening. Unless you absolutely cannot step away from your desk, end your workday at a normal hour and leave your work concerns behind. Stopping work at a reasonable hour gives you something to look forward to and allows you to enjoy some holiday spirit each day.

Another similar option is to plan ahead for days off. This might require you to work longer hours, either at night or in the morning, but the extra time may permit you a day or two of freedom from your desk as the holidays approach.   

4. Take 30

Yes, you need to work, but that doesn't mean you have to bury your head in the sand and ignore the fact that it's the holidays. Take 15 to 30 minutes of each day, preferably during your lunch hour, to delve into the holidays. Surf for gifts, check out the holiday events in your neighborhood or decorate your home during this time. The time will let you enjoy a little piece of the holidays each day.

5. Take on Holiday Work

Don't overload your desk with work; working harder won't make you any happier. Instead, take on as much holiday-centered work as possible. Complete tasks that are dedicated to the year-end, such as creating your marketing holiday card or redesigning your web page to include information about your charitable contributions.

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