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5 Tips for a Sparkling Resume


The importance of coming up with a flawless resume cannot be underestimated when searching for a job. It is the first impression an employer has of you, both as a person and as an employee. The following 5 tips are designed to help you create a resume that is positively sparkling.

1. Unique Content

If you imagine that you will send the same copy of your resume to everyone you're interested in working for, then keep reading. Employers want to see content that is specific, as well as relevant, to the position they are trying to fill. Do your research and find out about the company before sending in your resume. Read the job description carefully and tailor your resume to those qualifications, skills and experience pertinent to the exact position you're applying for.

2. Beware of the Resume Builder

While a resume builder or a resume template are great tools to get you started with formatting your resume, keep in mind that these methods often turn out resumes that just sound too canned. Instead, consider using the resume builder as a foundation for your resume, but be sure to make your content look and sound unique and personalized to you.

3. Use the Spellcheck

A sparkling resume also needs to be flawless. This means that you check your spelling as you go and then double-check it again with your word processing program's spellchecker. Don't skip this step because spelling errors and typos are just downright embarrassing! In addition to perfect spelling, don't neglect to read over your resume carefully to check for awkward phrases and word choices. Even though much of your resume won't be written in complete sentences, it is still essential to use proper grammar and punctuation throughout.

4. Avoid Stating Selfish Objectives

This point cannot be overstated. Many people make the mistake of outlining their goals or objectives in terms of what they want to get out of the job. Instead, treat your potential new employer like a client by telling them exactly what you will bring to the company with your particular skill set and experience.

5. Include a Cover Letter

Your resume package should also include a cover letter. The cover letter should be as unique as the resume, but short, crisp and to the point with absolutely no fluff. Employers wading through the interviewing process do not have time to read a long, elaborate cover letter. Use the cover letter as your chance to write, in complete sentences, why you are a good candidate for this specific position, and highlight one or two qualities about yourself that make you a valuable asset as an employee.

How your resume is received sometimes makes all the difference between getting an interview and being passed over. It's not easy to stand out in a pile of well-qualified, well-written resumes. Creating a flawlessly written, unique resume that focuses on the specific job requirements and what you have to offer the company, as well as a concise, intelligent cover letter, gives you a decided edge.

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