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5 Things Your Spouse Can Do to Make Your Pregnancy Easier


As you edge closer to motherhood and fatherhood, there are some things your spouse can do to make your pregnancy easier. Whether you are quesy and tired during your inital months, or feeling too big to move during those last months of pregnancy, your spouse can do plenty of things to make everyone's life (including his) better. 

1. Help with Childcare

If you've already been down this road before, you know how your body responds to pregnancy. Add one, two or more small children to care for into the mix, and you will need assistance caring for other children. If you are the primary caregiver at home, include your spouse in more childcare activities. Delegate after school activities, birthday parties or weekend playtime to your spouse. Daily activities such as bathing, dressing and putting the children to bed can also be divided so that the burden doesn't fall on you everytime. 

2. Partner for Petcare

Even the family pet needs extra attention, so find a way to split pet care duties during your pregnancy. Especially if you own cats, you'll need to steer clear of the litter box anyway due to the possibility of catching toxoplasmosis.  Divide feeding duties. However, call the walking duty because getting outside for a little exercise helps you and the baby.

3. Clean the Household

Typically, most of the household duties fall on one person. If you are "that person," it's time to divide chores with your spouse while you are pregnant. Delegate the chores that require breathing any toxic fumes or standing on chairs or ladders. Ask your spouse to carry a heavy basket of laundry or move furniture if necessary. Toward the end of your pregnancy, bending and lifting will be difficult, so give the chores like emptying the dishwasher to him.

4. Plan Finances

No matter who is the primary bill payer, you and your spouse need to be on the same page when it comes to bill paying. While you are in the hospital having the baby and caring for a newborn, you don't want fall behind when it comes to paying your bills. Sit down one night with your spouse and review which bills you both pay and which bills you pay. Determine an action plan how all bills will be paid while you are busy with the baby, and put that plan into action long before the baby arrives.

5. Participate in the Pregnancy

One of the most important things your partner can do to make your pregnancy easier is to be a partner with you. Attend doctor appointments, take child birth and care classes and help plan the nursery and select baby items. Although you are the one carrying this child, having your spouse as an active participant will remind you that you aren't in this alone. It will also help him to bond with the baby before she is born.  Making your spouse a close partner during your pregnancy will ready both of you to care for your newborn.

One of the most important steps your partner can take to make life easier is to be empathetic, listen and go with the ups and downs of pregnancy with a little humor and a lot of patience. 


Gina Ragusa is a freelance writer and mom from sunny (and sometimes not) South Florida. Her 15 year experience ranges from writing about banking to tattoo parlors. Read more about her adventures at

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