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5 Sleep Tips for the Sleepless WAHM


Following the correct sleep tips have the power to convert a work-at-home mom into a work-at-home "super-mom." The job of a stay-at-home mom is challenging and tiring. A mother's job never ends, from changing the baby's diapers, feeding the family, household chores and more.

You are probably overtired at the end of the day, and a proper sleep schedule becomes your last concern. However, getting enough sleep should be one of your main concerns. Sleep deprivation among work-from-home moms is a growing concern today, as it can lead to serious health problems like insomnia, mental illness, clumsiness, weight gain, hallucinations and so on. To avoid these problems, follow five simple tips to ensure enough sleep.

1. Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

Being a work-at-home mom and maintaining a healthy regular sleep schedule is vital. In order to retain it, you need to manage your time wisely and follow a balanced routine for yourself that includes proper eating habits and a workout regime. The only thing that is out of your control is your baby's unpredictable needs and sleep time. Everything else can be set according to the clock. With time management and a balanced routine, work can be done easily; you will be less tired and can definitely get a good night sleep.

For an uninterrupted sleep, make sure your bed and pillows give you maximum comfort, and make sure your room is quiet and secluded enough to keep unnecessary noises. The right sleep at the right time, along with the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night, will keep you fresh and active.

2. Say 'No' to Disturbing Foods and Drinks

As a work-at-home mom, you should be ready to say no to certain foods and beverages if it can ruin your sleep. Avoid drinking plenty of coffee and tea, as they contain caffeine that can keep you wide awake at night. All liquids should be avoided several hours before turning in to sleep, including alcoholic drinks, as they can cause frequent bathroom breaks during the night.

Never keep your stomach full nor you should sleep with an empty stomach -- either one will keep you awake. Chocolates and high fat foods are a strict no-no, especially late at night. Watch your evening snacks. Eating light for dinner will give you a good night's sleep.

3. Stay Away from Arguments

It may be your fussy boss, your demanding husband or your troublesome child that sometimes gets into your nerves. Practice patience and try to control your anger, especially at the end of the day; it is you who will suffer if you get too emotional. Getting into an argument during the night will keep you restless and rob you of much needed rest.

4. Exercise

For a healthy living and an active lifestyle, exercise is highly essential. Start your day by pumping more energy into your body by doing some workouts, yoga, meditation or Tai Chi. This will keep you active and full of energy throughout the day and will help you get a better sleep at night. One more important thing you should remember is to avoid doing exercises too close to your bedtime, as this can take away your sleep.

5. Enjoy a Nap

If you ever feel that you could doze off during the day, take a nap for less than an hour -- it will re-energize you for the rest of the day. Avoid taking long naps because it might make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

Taking care of your baby when you are a work-at-home mom can take its toll on you. But, a healthy lifestyle, time management and a good night's sleep will definitely turn you into a "super-mom."

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