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5 Resources to Find Data Entry Projects


Data entry projects are great gigs to land, if you can find them. Too many scams exist though, so you have to be careful about where you submit your resume and personal information. Identity thieves are sophisticated in their approach to finding new victims, and other scam artists have learned how to use Internet marketing to capture work-at-home moms who just want to make a living from home. Avoid losing your identity and money, by using these legitimate resources to find data entry projects.


There's an entire section on dedicated to data entry projects, that you should bookmark and check daily. is a search engine for jobs. It gathers results from job boards and career websites based on the keywords you type, such as "data entry projects." It's better than using Google or Yahoo!, because it's sole focus is on job listings, whereas search engines will include articles, blog posts and other information related to the same search terms in the results. The jobs are competitive and openings tend to close fast. Make it a point to check it everyday and more frequently when you can, to increase your chances of getting hired.

2. is a reputable and large job board where you can find data entry projects. Companies of all sizes post job listings for data entry clerks and database managers. You'll have to carefully review each listing to make sure it's a job that will allow you to work from home, because many on-site positions are listed. There's no fee to join Monster, but you will need to register and upload your resume to apply for jobs.


Another reputable job site to try is Type "data entry" and you'll get a list of data entry projects to apply for. It works like in that you have to register and upload a resume to apply for jobs. One benefit of posting your resume is that employers can browse it even before you apply for a position. Don't rely on employers to find you though. Be proactive and apply for many jobs all the time, until you get steady and reliable work.

4. Freelance Data Entry Workers

Network with people who already work on data entry projects as their business. Every entrepreneur gets busy as their business grows, and they may need to outsource work from time to time. If they know you before hand, and have come to trust you, they will consider you first. Find other people locally and online who work in the industry full time. Groups, such as you local chamber of commerce, may have members who run data entry firms, and you should network with them.


Be careful using, because there are many scams you'll need to avoid. Don't submit a resume to every listing. The person writing the ad should include a formal website address and contact information that includes the official URL before you give them any personal information. Otherwise, you may be dealing with an identity thief. Type "data entry" into the search box for different cities to find opportunities.

Stay away from bidding websites that charge you fees if you get hired for jobs. You also have to pay them a membership fee sometimes. By the time you find a data entry project, you'll barely have much money left over to pay yourself.

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