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5 Reasons Telecommute Jobs are Great for Moms


Telecommute jobs are a wonderful way to earn money without having to leave the comfort of your home. For many mothers, the ability to schedule her hours and remain at home with her children makes a telecommute job a dream come true. Below are 5 reasons why telecommute jobs are great for moms.

1. You Can Work from Anywhere

Telecommuting to work does not necessarily limit you to working in your home. Telecommute work can be done anywhere at any time, meaning that you can pull out your laptop or telephone and work while at a coffee shop, waiting in a carpool line, or while waiting for your child's lessons or activities to end. Because you can work anywhere, you are still able to make an income while caring for your children, making you able to simultaneously perform both tasks.

2. No Need to Pay for Childcare

Because a mom will be able to work from home or schedule her work around caring for her family, there is no need to pay for childcare. Childcare expenses eat into the mother's salary, sometimes making it worthless for her to work at all. Telecommuting eliminates the need to hire childcare, increasing the net amount of income a mother can earn.

3. Ease of Finding a Telecommute Job

More and more companies are hiring workers that telecommute. Hiring telecommuting workers reduces the company's overhead for offices, electricity and Internet and phone connections. Because more companies are hiring these type of workers, there are more jobs available. Additionally, in keeping with the type of job, the majority of these jobs are listed online and therefore can be searched any time of the day or night (and applied for electronically).

4. Varying Levels of Responsibility

Running a home and raising a family are huge responsibilities. Many moms would like to earn an income, but not have much responsibility in their jobs. Telecommute jobs have varying levels of responsibility, some of which can be quite low. Having no or little responsibility may be the perfect fit for a mom. However, for the mom who likes more responsibility, these jobs are available also.

Similarly, many telecommute jobs offer the opportunity to work as much or as little as the employee would like. A mom in this position can work when she has time, and not work when she is too busy with the other demands in her life. While this may make it difficult to have a set amount of monthly income, it may enable a mom to make as much as she needs with very little time commitment.

5. Specific Mom-Friendly Companies

Many companies that hire workers to telecommute are very mom-friendly. These companies make it easy for moms to pick up or reject work as their schedule permits, and may provide some benefits such as health care for the mother and children or paid time off. Also, these companies would be more understanding should the mother be unable to work as scheduled due to a child's unexpected illness.

Many mothers face the difficult need to return to work, but want to stay at home with their children. Sometimes, paying for childcare consumes too much of a mom's income, making it almost pointless for her to work. Telecommuting is a great way for a mom to work and earn an income while remaining at home. 

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