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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out as an Aromatherapist


When you decide to take the serious steps to start your own business as an aromatherapist, there are some things you need to do in order for your business to be successful. There are also some mistakes that can easily be avoided with the right information.

Mistake #1: Having No Experience or Education

The most obvious mistake to make when starting your own aromatherapy business is to start out with no experience. It's important to have some knowledge of, and experience working with, essential oils, herbs and plant extracts. You will need to know what plants and oils work together to create the effects that potential customers want.

Whether your experience is practical, as in something you have been doing for a while, or educational, as in knowledge from books or classes, doesn't matter. What does matter is being able to provide the service well that you intend to make a living from.

Mistake #2: Moving Ahead with No Business Plan

Sometimes the thought of starting a new business gets so exciting that a business plan is forgotten. Actually, this is a vital piece of starting a new business, no matter what the business is. Your business plan is the map, the guiding force, of where you start and where you are going, not to mention how you will get there. Another part of your business plan should include research on potential customers; who will you be selling to or providing services for?

A business plan is also vital if you intend to seek funding. Most banks or lending institutions insist on a solid business plan before any money is loaned out for small business ventures.

Mistake #3 : Having No Funding Source

Along the same lines as a business plan, you must have a secure funding source. It's a mistake to start a business without a financial resource. There will be start-up expenses and ongoing expenses as well. You will have to take into account the materials you need to begin making your products (and for designing and printing your marketing materials). A website is a necessary expense, along with any inventory you want to carry.

Mistake #4: Having No Business License

When you open a new aromatherapy business, or any business, you must check with your local city, county and state licensing and registrations offices. Some states require that a business be registered as well as licensed. There may be other considerations for home-based businesses in your area. It's a mistake to ignore this issue, as there are often fees and fines that will occur if you do.

Mistake #5: Having No Marketing Plan

Beginning an aromatherapy business won't go far if you have no plan for marketing your services or products. You will have to narrow down what it is you want to offer customers and then start promoting it. Plan to buy business cards, begin a website, and create a clever name and product line or unique service.

Starting a small business is fun and exciting. It is also hard work and aromatherapy is no exception. You will be on the right road to success by avoiding common mistakes.

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