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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out as a Stylist


So you just finished beauty school, and now you are going to work as a stylist. You feel educated and ready to hit the ground running. However, there are some things that they didn't teach you in school. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when starting out as a stylist. (Hint-you might be surprised!)

1. Not Knowing What You Are Doing

Although your beauty school was probably pretty good (we will assume that you are well-versed in all styles and matters of the hair), at some point, someone is going to come to you and ask you do something that you have never done before. When this happens, you need to be prepared.

The best thing that you can do when someone makes an appointment over the telephone, or in person, is to ask them what they want; try to get as much detail as possible. Then, between that time and when they actually come in, do some research. You don't have to tell them that you haven't done it before, but don't "wing it" either (unless you have the talent to do it).

2. Not Listening to the Customer

So a customer comes in and says that they want jet black hair, and you take a look at them and know that is the wrong color choice for them. What do you do? Do you tell them that you won't make it black? No. You can tell them that this particular color might not be flattering and suggest an alternative, or give a warning if it's something that might actually be hazardous to their hair (such as bleaching already brittle hair). In a case where you are afraid that their hair will be temporarily ruined, or even fall out, you should politely tell them that you can't do it. If it is just a matter of wanting a style that doesn't flatter the client, you may gently offer suggestions, but proceed if they insist; after all, it is their hair.

3. Not Keeping up with the Latest Trends

More than likely, your customers are keeping up with the latest styles so you need to do it as well. You certainly don't want to be outdated in the fashion industry.

4. Not Having Clear Ideas about Your Choice of Business Model

Do you want to work for someone else, rent a booth in a salon, or work out of your home? These are all things that you need to considered as a stylist. If you want to work out of your home, then you need to check with local laws about zoning.

5. Not Knowing What to Charge

Ask around your area to see what other stylists are charging. You must know what you are going to charge and have a price list available. It makes customers nervous when you don't. Always insist that your customers pay you then and there, and not later on down the road. This is especially important in a home-based business.

Avoid making these mistakes to ensure the success of your stylist business.

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