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5 In-Demand Niches for Successful Virtual Assistants

While it might seem counterintuitive, choosing a specialty will help you actually make more money than being a generalist. Focusing on one area of expertise can catapult you into expert status allowing you to command higher fees, and allow you to better focus your marketing message.
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Like most things, businesses change, grow and even die out. You don't see anyone still manufacturing VHS tapes (if you even know what those are). Technology changes and client needs change. If you're an established virtual assistant, it's important to keep up with the changes in your industry so you're not left behind. Here are five very in demand and current niches for VAs.

Online Marketing Manager

A well-educated online marketing manager keeps up with all things relevant to online marketing from content and email marketing to social media marketing. They know what works and what doesn't. They are on the cutting edge of marketing technology. What's more, an online marketing manager doesn't do all the tasks themselves. Instead, they surround themselves with a team of virtual assistants whose expertise lies in doing the tasks they are directed to do by the online marketing manager.

Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia virtual assistants have a strong understanding of graphic design, including but not limited to creating PowerPoint slides, editing video and podcasts, adding in voiceovers, and even putting together complete lessons from information provided by a subject matter expert. A multimedia specialist can move to management level if they build up a team of experts in each separate area to subcontract the work while they organize and direct it.

Online Event Organizer

Software that allows live online events to take place much like in-person events with presentations, speakers and recordings requires organizers. If you understand how to organize, plan, develop and market an online event, you can command high fees. You'll help your client organize everything from start to finish, utilizing either their staff or yours to ensure that events go out without a hitch from sign up to final recording and editing.

Online Business Manager

Many small business owners or entrepreneurs such as coaches and public speakers need someone to manage the day-to-day activities in their business. But, since they often don't have a central location, it makes it difficult to hire a regular employee. That's where an online business manager comes in. An online business manager works remotely to manage the business just like any on-site business manager would. They manage projects, operations, contractors, keep an eye on the budget and more. But, they don't do any of the actual tasks themselves. They delegate, direct, plan and organize for maximum efficiency.

Online Researcher

Online or internet researchers are typically assigned a topic their client is interested in learning more about. The virtual assistant who is an online researcher finds, qualifies, and gathers the information that they discover in an easily digestible way for the client, with proper citations and information included that makes the research usable. For instance, an online researcher might be tasked with locating all the produce suppliers within a given area. Other areas of concentration might be to fact check information for authors or publishers.

Each of these positions can transform your virtual assistant business by putting you on the cutting edge of what clients need today. Don't allow the term "virtual assistant" to box you into doing only administrative tasks. There are so many other niches you can get involved with that will help you be in demand.

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