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5 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Your Business Clients


Homemade gift basket ideas are always a great way to make an impact on people. They are not only great money savers, but also add a personal touch to the gift. Homemade gifts for business clients are a great idea because they make the clients feel that you have put that extra thought and effort into their gifts.

Here are the top 5 homemade gift ideas for your business clients:

1. Food and Drink

No matter what the occasion is, gifting a wine bottle or gift basket filled with assorted wines, cheeses and breads is one of the best and safest gifting options. You can take notice of a particular brand per the client's interest, or can even pick a bottle from your own favorite collection. You can also gift a basket filled with homemade chocolates, cookies and cakes. Home chocolates of different shapes wrapped in small foils look attractive. These can be put into a nice basket and wrapped up using ribbons and little lace to suit your needs.

2. Plants

Giving the client a little potted plant for his office is also a very good idea. A non-flowering plant or crotons can be used for this purpose. Ensure that the plant is not too big or too small, as either could disturb the atmosphere of a working space. This idea makes perfect financial sense, apart from encouraging people to become more environmental friendly.

3. Homemade Vases

Vases and pots as decorative pieces can be gifted to the clients. A plain old mud pot can be turned into a perfect gift. Even if you don't possess the artistic skills to paint on the pot, you can always use brush strokes and good color combinations to create an abstract pattern on the vases. These can be decorated using little crystals or ribbons, and filled with lots of fun items like candies.

4. Personalized Coffee Mugs and Paper Weights

Personalized coffee mugs would need a little more effort than others to make for a useful and personalized gift for your client. A plain ceramic mug can be purchased in the color of your choice, and your client's company name or logo can be printed onto it. This would require little outside help on the printing, but nonetheless needs your input as well. Paperweights can also be a wonderful gifting option, and can be placed inside the mug before it is wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon.

5. Flowers 

Flowers picked from your garden can be arranged in an artistic manner and wrapped up in cellophane paper ready to be gifted to your client. You can also add little leaves of fern and different flowers of different sizes to create a beautiful and meaningful bouquet. Please keep in mind the occasion, and choose the flowers accordingly. The taste of the client and other factors, like allergies, should be kept in mind before sending the flowers.

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