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5 Cheap Date Night Ideas for Romance on a Budget


Every couple appreciates some good date night ideas. These days, times are hard as we struggle just to pay the bills and keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, romance on a budget can be just as fun. Below are some ideas for the couple who wants alone time together without spending a lot of money.

1. Take a Stroll on the Beach

Plan an evening of romance as you pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese, crackers and fruit to take with you to the local beach or park. Find out what time the sun will set to enhance the romantic mood as you lay out a blanket for two. Bring a small portable cassette, CD or iPod player for romantic music in the background. Take turns feeding your significant other with the tasty treats you brought along. Time will seem to slow down as you share your day with each other while taking in the beautiful surrounding scents and sights.

2. Movie Date

You don't have to go to the movie theater to participate in a movie date. In fact, it is much more enjoyable to watch the movie at home with just the two of you. Red box offers a large selection of new released movies for only $1; you can pick up a few at that price. Take a quick stop at the local store, like Dollar Tree, to get your hands on some microwaveable popcorn, candy, soda and chips to give you all the pleasures of the big movie theaters. Shut off all of the lights as you cuddle up with you partner for a romantic evening.

3. Bike Ride through Town

Pack some water bottles, fill the tires with air and head off on an adventurous bike ride. No matter what town you are from, you will find that you will rediscover what the entire region has to offer; you'll enjoy it in a different way than by car. Stop in the local shops to browse around. It will give you the sense of being on vacation as you travel from one location to the next. Perhaps stop for an ice cream cone from the local ice cream shop or maybe a hot dog with the works from the neighborhood hot dog stand.

4. Massage Your Spouse

Any spouse would be thrilled to learn that you have an evening of relaxation and romance planned. Warm up some extra virgin olive oil to use to gently rub on your partner as you soothe away those aching muscles. Soft music, candles and a glass of wine is all you'll need for an evening of romance.

5. Dinner for Two

You don't have to go to the fancy restaurants to make a shared meal special. Preparing a meal together can be a romantic experience as you work side by side. Or perhaps a delivered pizza sounds more like your preference. Set the table with a nice table cloth, candles and a bottle of wine. Soft music in the background is perfect for whatever meal you decide. You'll soon forget you never even left home. Be sure to keep the meal simple so you are not a slave to the kitchen. Disposable plates work well too.

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