4Life Research: A WAHM's Guide


4Life Research is a company that was founded in the early 1990's by a man named David Lisonbee. The company was started on the premise that the products could make a difference in the health of others and also as a means to gain financial independence. 4Life Research is also based on a product that reportedly contains an ingredient that can improve the function of your immune system. In fact, you will hear of Transferceutical Science when you sign on with this company.

4Life Research is a global opportunity in sales and multi-level marketing. You sign on to become a representative of the company with the expectation of signing others on too. It helps if you use the products and believe in them. You can purchase the products for yourself and sell them as well.

Some of the products available through 4Life Research are cleansing and detox supplements, energy and weight loss products, and supplements for men and women. There are also products for better sleep, stress reduction, mood enhancement, and products specifically for animal wellness. In fact, there are some representatives that focus entirely on pet products.


You can start with the company by signing up online or go through a current representative. Depending on which start up route you decide to go with, the start up expenses for 4Life Research can vary from $50 to $150. That does not take into account the website you will need to market your products on or any products that you want for yourself. This also does not include any marketing materials, such as booklets and brochures, that you will want to use to promote yourself and your business. You should also count on a yearly subscription fee that can vary.


In order to produce an income with the 4Life Research program, you will need to maintain your sales at a certain level and have a certain number of representatives beneath you, or directly related to your sales. Falling below a sales number will result in no income at all. The pay structure is somewhat confusing with a minimum of 2% in commission earnings possible when sales conditions are met. Commission can go as high as 64% when you are operating at the highest level.


If you want to really thrive with the 4Life Research company, you will need to set lofty sales goals and utilize the products for yourself too. You will need to plan on spending considerable time maintaining your sales team and business as well.

Is It for You?

4Life Research is for you if you are an aggressive sales person and do not mind soliciting from your friends and family when you are beginning. You need to be fairly out going and committed to growing your business in order to maintain a level of sales that will sustain you. It is also a good business choice for you if you use the products and really believe in the benefits. You will need to have the time available for meeting with new and potential customers, maintaining your website and products, and handling the business aspects.


A few of the 4Life Research spokes persons are Edgar Renteria of pro baseball fame and Johnny Miller of pro golf fame. 4Life Research touts science, service and success heavily.

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