4 Types of Freelance Writing


Perhaps you want to become a freelance writer, but are not sure what types of freelance writing jobs are available. The following is not an exhaustive list, but it includes the more popular ways that freelancers are making money online:

1. Blogger

Blogs have become popular on the Internet, which is good news for aspiring or seasoned freelance writers. In order to get unique visitors to a blog and remain high in the search engines, blogs need to be update frequently with fresh and valuable content. This creates a demand for bloggers, which can keep you very busy. If you enjoy writing shorter pieces, and especially like writing with a conversational tone, blogging may be a great fit for you. You'll have to get used to writing many 250 - 1,000 word posts every day. This can get demanding, but it will help you to improve your writing skills, and give you the opportunity to write on a broad range of topics.

2. Forum Moderator

A moderator is a great gig if you enjoy being a part of an online community, and if you're skilled at dealing with people. As a moderator, you'll manage message boards, but you also get to interact with the users. If you're wondering how you'll get to use your writing skills as a moderator, it's when responding to the users and the community at large. A user might have a question about the site, and you'll have to respond. You might have to address issues (in writing) to the community at large. You may have opportunities to post new threads on the forums, or remove or combine others. Although it's more of a managerial and even a mediation type job, you'll still get to use your writing skills, just in a different way.

3. Article Writer

Another popular type of freelance writing is article writing. Companies and website owners hire freelance writers to write articles using popular keywords in their industries in order to attract visitors to their websites. You'll need to learn Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") writing. This is a form of writing where you write on one topic, using a few keywords repeatedly throughout the article that many people are searching on the Internet. For example, you might write an article about cats and use the keywords "organic litter box" three or four times in your article. You might write that article because over 10,000 people used Google to search "organic litter box" last month. SEO writing is needed to help articles rank higher in the search engines, so that more readers will find the article and visit the website that hosts it. You can expect to write articles that are 400- 750 words or more in length, and your projects may range from creative to technical writing.

4. Ebook Writer

If you prefer tackling writing that is more lengthy, then ebook writing is one type of freelance writing to look in to. You can write 5-10 page ebooks or ebooks with 50 plus pages. You may get hired to compile the notes and ideas of others into an ebook, or you may have the opportunity to be completely creative and "write from scratch". In addition to writing skills, you may have to learn how to convert Word documents in to Portable Document Files ("PDFs"). You can also make yourself more marketable if you know how to insert graphics and color in to the ebook.

There are other ways that you can write online. Keep your options open, but keep in mind that there are already jobs available in the 4 types of freelance writing listed here. The key is to earn enough of an income until you can get to the point where you can write whatever you want.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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