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4 Types of Accounting Services for Your Small Business


Accounting services for a small businesses come in a variety of offerings. Most accountants are flexible and offer a variety of services. Ask them about specific services that your business may need. Here are four accounting services:

1. Bookkeeping

Many accountants offer bookkeeping services which can help in the day to day running of your business. Bookkeeping services include financial analysis, task reporting, year end tax projection and more. Most use basic software programs which keep track of daily business dealings and provide up to date communication between the accountant and business owner.

2. Manage Your Business Credit

Some accounting firms for small businesses will establish and manage your credit file. It is important to have business credit separate from personal credit. Your accountant may monitor your business credit and report actions to business credit bureaus. This is important in maintaining good credit.

3. Tax Services

If you expect your accountant to do your taxes, you may be in for a shock. Some accountants specialize in doing tax returns, others do not. Be sure to ask ahead of time in case you must find someone else to do your taxes. Communicate with your accountant about any small business accounting needs you may have prior to hiring him.

4. Update Books

Small business owners should know that some accountants will update your books and computer programs. Some will even backup your computer system every few hours so that you don't lose important information. These services give owners reassurance that records are in order and nothing will be lost. Check with your accountant to see if he offers these services.

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