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4 Tips for Counteracting Your Low Sex Drive


Low sex drive is a common problem for women, yet usually rare for men. It is estimated that several million women in the U.S. suffer from what is termed 'female sexual arousal disorder' (FSAD), according to the American Medial Association. Understand the reasons why a low sex drive can occur. While many women appear to have no other sex issues--no problem with orgasms--the problem often seems to be a lack of interest in participating in sexual activity.

This can be due to many factors, including physical reasons like tiredness, anemia, diseases like diabetes, hormonal imbalances (like post-baby 'coolness'), alcohol, and prescribed or illegal drug use. Psychological reasons can include stress from relationship problems, being overworked, childhood or sexual abuse, challenging living conditions or latent lesbianism. Here are four tips for counteracting your low sex drive:

1. Review Your Life

Examine your daily schedule. Make a list of your entire day from start to finish, including sleep time. Lack of sleep is a large factor for a low sex drive. The body needs regular, consistent rest in order to function properly. Examine how you can find more time for yourself to get needed relaxation.

2. Use Time Management

Organize activities so that there is more time to relax each day. Enlist help from your partner to attend to some of the day to day responsibilities or consider getting outside help. Coordinate tasks and shift shopping to when you are running another errand or picking up a child. Clean and do laundry in the evenings after the work day while preparing dinner or watching television. This will create more time to do other things. Ensure that each day you have at least a half hour to yourself, when you can plan, take a nap or do whatever it is that is relaxing for you.

3. Visit the Doctor

Discuss your low sex drive and lack of interest in sex with your doctor or at a family planning clinic. Be honest about how you feel and answer each question truthfully. Find out if there is a physical or hormonal reason for your low sex drive. When your general life is going well and you have adequate time for yourself, a low sex drive can also be due to relationship or physical issues that have been lying dormant. Seeking professional help can assist you in confronting what the true factors behind your low sex drive may be. The doctor or counselor will probably conduct physical tests. You may be advised to get more rest or lose weight for better health management. Follow your doctor's advice and make a plan of action around what is recommended.

4. Consider Other Options

If you are getting adequate rest and relaxation and the doctor advises there is nothing physical occurring that could be creating a low sex drive, take a look at some other options. Try a natural supplement that provides female libido enhancement. Ensure that taking the supplement is safe and that it will not interfere with your health regimen. It could also be a matter of getting into better communication. Make time for your relationship, just as you do for your work, children and yourself. A great sex life is about balance more than anything else.

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