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4 Reasons to Consider Building an iPhone App

While developing an app might seem daunting, the benefits of doing so can far outweigh the work it requires.

Building an iPhone app isn't just for big companies. Now, even small companies and individuals are creating apps. While developing such an app might seem daunting, the benefits of doing so can far outweigh the work it requires. Here are four reasons to consider taking on this endeavor:

1. Downloads Equal Cash

Apps aren't free. Every time an iPhone user purchases your app, whatever the price, you earn cold hard cash. While you might have to share your earnings with a provider, you are nevertheless earning. The fact that you can sell your end result means that your endeavor was worth the effort.

It doesn't matter how much your app costs, either. Low costs often attract more purchasers, which means more sales and the same (if not more) income than you would have earned if your app cost double or triple the price. It all balances out in the end, even if your app costs $.99.

2. Little Residual Work to Keep Earning

Once created and released, you'll likely have to do very little to maintain your app. Sometimes, you will have to do nothing at all except ensure that it'll be compatible with any new software releases. This lack of continuous effort means that any long-term income you earn from the app increases your effort-to-income ratio, raising your overall profit.

3. Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising All in One

If you develop one for a business, an app displays your company name, gives customers the ability to access your services or product immediately, and becomes a subject of conversation. This means that it is the ultimate marketing tool: inexpensive, regenerative (meaning it won't wear out or become unimportant) and accessible by multiple customers. The fact that any iPhone user across the world can view and purchase your app means that you are able to reach more customers than you likely ever dreamed.

Many app companies are giving away one free app a day to their software users. While this may mean a slight decrease in profits (don't worry you have to agree to give yours away before the company can do so), it also means more marketing and advertising than the app could accomplish on its own. The result is more visibility for your company and, in turn, more potential customers.

4. Usefulness

All work-at-home moms need help, regardless of its form. Any app you create doesn't have to be purely entertaining, but can also satisfy some need that the big companies overlook. Think about what you've learned you need to do as a mom and consider if other mom's have the same duties. Is there anything you can do to help with that?

Creating an useful app not only means that you'll be useful to other moms, but also makes it possible to be noticed by larger, mom-oriented companies. The result of this notice could be that you're bought out or consulted for more apps. What was once your single-mom adventure can turn into a career!

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