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4 Photo Taking Tips for Your Etsy Business


When you sell your handmade items on Etsy, you need to have good, clear photographs of what you are selling. These photo taking tips will help you to take the best photos possible in order to make buyers aware of exactly what you have to offer them.

1. Angles and Flash Reflections

When you take a picture of any item and use the flash, you run the risk of obscuring some of what you are photographing with a flash reflection. Make sure that you review the picture that you took before proceeding with your Etsy listing. If there is a flash reflection on the item you photographed, you have likely obscured some of what you need to show to customers. Retake the photograph with the camera at a slightly different area. If the surface of the item is at all reflective, you may need to angle the camera slightly to the side to avoid a reflection.

2. Photograph the Details

For most good Etsy listings, there is a photograph if the entire items up for sale in order to give customers an overall look at what is available. Then, there are usually one or more detail photos. These are close ups of one or more aspects of the item. Fort instance, if you were to sell a handmade dress, one photo may be of the entire dress and the others may be of the hem, small embroidered detail and any other small areas of interest. 

If you aren't sure which details to photograph, take a look at the item and find its most interesting points. It may be a painted detail, a color variation or a superior piece of handiwork on the item you made. Don't be afraid to add several photographs. Serious buyers will want to see as many detailsl as possible before making a purchase. 

3. Macro for Fine Details

When you are taking pictures of very small items, such as details of  jewelry or small reflective surfaces, the best way to approach the photo is to use the macro setting on your camera. Many digital cameras have this setting to make it possible to photograph very small items clearly. Without this setting, your photo would have to be taken from a significant distance in order to keep the item in focus. 

4. Control Your Lighting

The lighting that you use is one of the most important aspects of your photographs. If the photo is too dark, the details will be difficult to make out. It may also make the image look fuzzy. If you can take the photographs during the day in plenty of sunlight, you will likely get the best results. If you don't have a lot of sunlight available, use strong lamps or overhead lighting when you take your pictures. 

A clear light bulk is best, as a yellow-cast light bulb can drastically change the color of your item in the photograph. Consider using a powerful floor lamp that you can shine on your items if you don't have a sunny spot to take your Etsy pictures.

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