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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Sewing Business


Starting a sewing business can be a big step to securing your financial independence. Though a lot of your success will depend on your skills, you also must be a creative and skilled entrepreneur for your business to succeed. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when getting started in the business of sewing:

Mistake to Avoid #1: Not Assessing the Competition

Before opening your sewing business in town, it is important to determine how your store would fit into the community's competitive landscape. You should begin by researching how many and who your competitors are, and then develop a plan on how you will successfully compete with these businesses. By failing to properly test the market and see who your competition is, you cannot expect to be successful because you have nothing to gauge pricing and need for your services against.

Mistake to Avoid #2: Not Seeking Advice

Before you open business, you should be talking to other sewing business owners to get a realistic picture of the market and what owning a sewing business entails. You should not be looking to gain this information from local competition, as it would be unwise for them to help you out for the sake of their own business. However, someone with their own local market on the other side of the country may be more willing to help you. Many business owners are happy share information with new entrepreneurs and this is an important aspect in finding what it takes to be successful.

Mistake to Avoid #3: Not Dressing the Part

One great way to get your sewing business off the ground is through word of mouth advertising and your own personal interactions with others. You should always look put together and well dressed when marketing your sewing business, now that you are working in the garment industry. Chances are people will ask you about your clothes if they look good, and what better way to advertise than to be able to say "I made this." You should always try to wear your products so that you are a walking advertisement, and you can show everyone your attention to detail and style.

Mistake to Avoid #4: Not Selecting a Niche

There are so many areas of sewing that one could pursue, and if you don't select one or two things to specialize in, you can be worn thin and not properly market your business. Whether you want to do crafts, home décor, children's or adult's clothing, or sewing machine repair, there is a market for your business, but narrowing down your focus is key. Think about what you want to specialize in, and begin making a plan to both develop and market products in that area.

By avoiding these mistakes, you are sure to get your business off to a good start and get on the path to achieving financial independence.

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