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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Beauty Consultant


There are many beauty consultant agencies that promise you that you will be able to make money easily from home and that you will be able to put your family before your job. Many individuals who have gone into beauty consulting have shared things to avoid in becoming a quality consultant:

Mistake #1: Getting Involved in the "Hype"

There are several good beauty consultants who do make some side money from consulting, but many people hear about consulting, get excited about it and immediately jump onboard, without making a business plan or gaining other information about the company with whom they are getting involved.

Many of them say that you should sign up "today" or "right away" to get additional benefits. It would be wise for you to take your time and see if there is a market available to you before purchasing a "started kit". Most beauty consultants get some sort of bonus for signing you up, so they will be pushy. Don't sign up until you are sure you can be successful.

Talk to a consultant who would not benefit from you signing up, and find out what they deal with on a daily or weekly basis from the beauty company. Consider what they say, and fully understand what you are getting into before taking the plunge.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Business Plan

If you have decided that you would be good at being a beauty consultant, sit down and right down a business plan. Many consulting companies require you to throw "parties"; see if any of your friends or acquaintances would be willing to throw parties for you and what their interest level is in the product you would be selling. Also, ask them if they would be willing to refer you to friends of theirs who may be interested in the product.

Find out how much you would need to sell monthly or quarterly to keep your "consulting status" in the company, and see if it is a reasonable goal for yourself.

Do all of this before signing up to be a consultant, as many companies will not let you "rejoin" if you drop out or can't meet your goals once. Make sure you are ready.

Mistake #3: Buying Extra Inventory

Many consultant "leaders" will tell you that you should buy extra inventory to keep in stock. While this would be good if you are guaranteed to sell the products, many consultants are unable to sell much of their inventory before it expires.  The company still does well, because they are selling their product - to you.

Many consultants spend more money than they make per quarter "stocking" their inventory. This is counter-productive if you are wishing to make money from a home business. Your customers will understand if you do not have product on hand.

In the same light, do not get overwhelmed by incentives offered by the company. Many consultants "sell out" to meet these incentives and end up making less. If you happen to meet goals and receive incentives, congratulations, but do not stress yourself out for them.

Mistake #4: Using Your Personal Bank Account

Do not use your personal bank account to fund your purchases. Keep all business cash flow separate, so that you are in control of what you are making and know if you are being profitable from your consulting business.

Again, make sure you research before getting into any business, especially one that requires you to pay to join.

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