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4 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Business


Holiday marketing is a great way to boost sales during an otherwise slow year. Every business owner should come up with seasonal promotions to advertise their business, no matter what product or service they sell. Here are some ideas for marketing during the holidays:

1. Get Out into the Community

When you work primarily from home, you can forget to serve your local market. Most online businesses can still benefit from marketing on the ground. When was the last time you marketed your services in your community or to a city that's close by? Why not do it during the holidays? You can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the business associations, non-profit organizations and others who will put on holiday events.

Try to appear as a speaker, buy booth space or attend events with business cards and other marketing material ready to hand out. Network with the locals and remind them about your business, or introduce yourself for the first time. The holidays are a perfect setting because you may get to meet many people at once.

2. Offer Huge Discounts

People will be shopping for others during the holidays and expect to get nothing less than great deals. There an expectations that all businesses offer seasonal promotions, and they won't want to pay full price. You should prepare yourself financially ahead of time to go with the flow and offer larger than usual discounts. You'll land more clients and customers and help to gain even more loyalty from your repeat customers.

3. Craft an Email Marketing Campaign

Your holiday marketing efforts should include a solid email marketing campaign to draw in customers. If you don't already contact your customers on a regular basis with emails or newsletters, start doing so right away. Ask for email addresses at all points of contact, such as a newsletter sign-up box on your website. Send your email list solutions that will help make their holiday season go great. Even businesses have needs during the holiday seasons, and therefore holiday marketing can apply to business-to-business services.

Think about how you can target your email campaign to solve the problems of other businesses that are unique to the holiday season. A well-crafted email campaign during the holidays can bring much needed help, which will gain the trust of new customers and make them want to do business with you.

4. Be Available

A simple tip for holiday marketing is to be available during the holidays. This may not be the best time for you to take time off. You could be losing out on a significant income opportunity if you don't tap into the holiday market. Consider posting longer customer service hours on your website when advertising your business during the holidays. Let clients know that you're available during the holidays, even if your hours remain the same. You don't want people to move to your competition because they couldn't reach you during a critical time in their buying lives.

The holidays are no time to take it easy. Follow these holiday marketing ideas and you'll be well on your way to keeping up with or beating out the competition.

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