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3 Ways To Help Make Working From Home More Common

Creating an environment that is friendly to those wanting to work at home requires solidarity. Working to promote its benefits and practicality can make working at home a possibility for people everywhere.
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As a work at home mom, you know the benefits of being to do what you love from the comfort of your own home office. Sadly, many workers don’t have that same luxury. In an effort to help those who have to drag themselves into an office (when they would rather work remotely), here are some ways in which you personally can help your fellow worker find workplace flexibility.

Talk about it. Sometimes people who work from home are reticent to talk about their work life. After all, being able to completely customize your schedule, better balance their home life and personal life is not what most employees can do. As such, talking about the fact that you are able to get your work done and volunteer at your child’s school can look almost like you’re bragging. But singing the multiple benefits of working from home can actually inspire others to seek out opportunities within their own organizations to work remotely.

Ask for it in interviews. The job posting lists numerous benefits associated with the position, including generous medical and dental coverage, as well as a 100% employer-matched 401K—there’s even a clothing stipend! But what it doesn’t explicitly offer is the choice to work from home. That doesn’t mean that the option isn’t on the table, though. When you are in the second or even final stages of the job interview process, ask if you can work remotely, even part-time. That way, your prospective employer will know that this is an important matter to you. If he wants you for the position, he’ll be willing to strongly consider it—and grant your request.

Join an organization. You know the expression, “There’s strength in numbers”? Well, it’s true. Adding your voice to an organization, such as 1 Million For Work Flexibility, will show that you are committed to the cause and want to help enact change in the workplace for the betterment of both employees and their employers. By speaking up about the need for workplace flexibility for all employees, it will send a strong message to companies—and society at large—that flexible schedules and the right to have a better work life balance should no longer be an occasional perk, but rather a built-in component to every job.

If you’re among the one in five workers who currently work from home, it’s a good idea to help others in their quest to telecommute, too. By having open conversations, asking employers for what you want in interviews and being willing to advocate for the cause, more and more workers will soon have the option to work from home, too.

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