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3 Tips for Finding a Surrogate Mother


Finding a surrogate mother who is suitable for your needs and desires is one of the most frightening and difficult challenges a couple may face. The surrogacy process is expensive, involved and complicated, and it's essential that you find a surrogate who will be willing to work with you and meet your requests. Read on for a few tips on finding the best surrogate mother for you.

1. Use an Agency

Surrogacy agencies oftentimes conduct major background searches and health history checks on potential mothers before they are allowed to meet with potential parents. This helps to provide you peace of mind when you go to meet with a surrogate. The downside to using an agency, however, is that the cost is likely to be higher.

2. Check Medical Records

The surrogate's health history is an important factor to consider. Look for surrogates who show responsibility in caring for their bodies and who are up front about their medical records. Any potential hazards for a pregnancy should be considered.

3. Check References Carefully

A potential surrogate's character references are among her best indicators of the way that she will treat the pregnancy. You'll want a surrogate who will avoid dangerous behaviors and do all that she can to care for the baby while she is pregnant. Character references should be questioned thoroughly and carefully to be sure that the surrogate will be as responsible as possible.

If you're confused or worried about the process of finding a surrogate, speak with parents who have used the service of a surrogate mother before for additional advice.

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