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3 Tips for Child Passenger Safety


If you're driving a car with a child as a passenger, you'll need to pay special attention to child passenger safety. While you should work to protect the safety of any individual who is riding in a car with you, children oftentimes are unaware of the proper measures to take and therefore require extra attention. Here are three tips for child passenger safety:

1. Check Seatbelts before Car Starts

Before you start the car, check to make sure that every child has his seatbelt fastened. Look to be sure that the belt isn't twisted and that the child is using an age appropriate belt. Belts that strap across the chest should not be used for children younger than about 8 years of age, as they may cause injury in the event of an accident.

2. Check Seatbelts Mid-Trip

Children oftentimes undo seatbelts while they are riding in the car because the belts are uncomfortable. Double check that your child continues to wear his seatbelt throughout the trip--especially in cases when you're driving for longer periods of time.

3. Fasten Child Protective Car Seats Properly

Child car seats are an important tool for anyone driving a baby or young toddler. These seats should never be put in the front seat and should always be oriented in a particular direction. Follow the instructions on the car seat to be sure that you've placed the seat in the car in such a way that it will be as safe as possible for the child passenger.

By following these safety tips, you'll help to ensure that child safety is a first priority while you ride.

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